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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prayer vs. Profanity: This is Why We Will Win!

Please pray for these poor deluded women, Magdalenes before conversion. They have abandoned the dignity of their sex and transformed themselves into foul-mouthed beasts. The video reminded me of Don Bosco's dream about the snake and the rosary. Watch the video and then read Don Bosco's dream. Mary can lead these women to embrace their true nature. Keep praying for them.

The Snake and Rosary [From Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco]

"The life of man upon earth is a warfare." Job 7:1

"I dreamed that I was at my brother's home in Catelnuovo d'Asti with all my boyes. While they were at play, a total stranger came up to me and asked to go with him. He took me to a meadow alongside the playground and pointed to a huge, ugly snake, over twenty feet long, coiled in the grass. Frightened, I wanted to run off, but the stranger held me back....And he went to fetch a rope.

"'Take this end,' he said on his return, 'and grip it tightly with both hnds. I'll hold the other end, and we'll let it dangle over the snake....Then we'll snap it across its back.'...

"He went around to the other side of the monster. We stretched the rope and then snapped it across the snake's back. The monster immediately sprang up and struck at the rope, but as it did so, it ensnared itself as in a noose....He ran to a nearby pear tree and tied his end of the rope to it. Then he came to me and tied my end to the iron grating of a window in the house. The snake kept furiously struggling to free itself, writing, thrashing and flailing about. In its fury, it tore itself to pieces, scattering its flesh over the area, till it was slashed to a mere skeleton.

"The stranger then intied the rope and coiled it up. 'Now watch very carefully!' he said as he put it into a box and closed it. But this time the boys had swarmed about me. Within a few moments he opened the box. We looked in and were astounded to see the rope shaped into the words Ave Maria -- 'Hail Mary.'

"'How did that happen?' I asked.

"'The snake,' the man replied, 'is a symbol of the devil, whereas the rope stands for Ave Maria, or rather, the Rosary, a succession of Hail Marys with which we can strike, conquer and destroy all of Hell's demons.'"

We can defeat Lucifer and those he enslaves with his lies by following Our Lady's requests to pray the rosary. Chain the snake and apply the healing antidote to the terminally sick Magdalenes and the men who use them.

No one is beyond conversion as this courageous young woman illustrates who had two abortions and kept her secret for twenty years. Those whose consciences are mostly dead brag about their abortions; those who still have consciences treat it like what it is -- a dirty, shameful secret. It is that shame that brings many of them to the feet of the Lord in repentance. Pray for aborted women, especially pray the rosary. Wrap it around their hearts like a blanket of sweet-smelling roses to draw them back to their true beauty and dignity.


christine said...

Can you tell us where this is? When it happened? I'm sure there were police around, since they usually are when the liberals 'protest'. I don't understand why they don't keep the two side away from each other. I was at a silent PP protest at the NYC headquarters on Sat 2/11. There were protests simultaneously across the country. Maybe this was one? We were outnumbered at ours at least 2 to 1. I looked up protests supporting PP to see if there would possibly be a clash, but there actions were supposed to be at the offices of their representatives. Well- they were at our protest! I have never been to any rally or protest for a conservative cause(and there aren't so many) that hasn't been counter protested! The bottom line is that we are not allowed to protest- only they are. We were shouted, or chanted at, but we were separated on opposite sides of the street. At one time there gathered some pro-PP screamers next to our people, but not for long. The like to intimidate, physically crowd you, and shout their ridiculous slogans. "Pro life, that's a lie, You don't care if women die". The mob mentality is very scary, and those on the left are already fueled by emotion, drama, and anger. To watch something like that is sickening.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hi Christine,

I can't say for sure where it was. There were 228 rallies around the county last Saturday. Obviously it was in one of the cold locations. If I find out which one it was I'll post an update.

I've been fighting abortion since the year before Roe v. Wade and this behavior has been typical throughout the entire struggle. I have been surrounded by pro-aborts with them screaming inches from my face. I remember several incidents particularly when they screamed like this and I can tell you when it happens you know it is diabolical. I truly believe some of these poor souls are possessed.

We need to pray the St. Michael prayer for them and for our own protection.

christine said...