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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Free Speech: Who are the real Fascists? Use the Law to Fight the Left!

When our forefathers wrote free speech into the Constitution they certainly were not thinking of flag burning, riots, screaming protesters, physical attacks on opponents, etc. Too many people today, even some so-called conservatives, justify heckling and shrieking disruptions as "free speech."

We expect liberals to say that; but it's time for conservatives to call a mob a mob, even those who don't resort to physical violence. Going to a talk and disrupting it with whistles or screaming, etc. is NOT free speech. It's the opposite of free speech. You can disagree. You can ask hostile questions. But shouting somebody down because you don't like the content of their speech is not exercising free speech rights. It violates the free speech rights of others. When it happens in a classroom at an institution supposedly dedicated to the free exchange of ideas, it is especially appalling. Like this pathetic display of ignorance below.

This event was particularly appalling because the university was involved in the suppression of free speech which resulted in Shapiro filing a civil lawsuit which forced the university to change its policies. It's called tough love and it's what every conservative needs to be prepared to do when free speech rights are violated. Bring charges against those who use physical violence against you. Sue when necessary!

Now let's look at the extreme leftist brown shirt who heads BAMN, Yvette Falarca, who calls for shutting down those with whom she disagrees "by any means necessary" not excluding violence. This middle school teacher fomented the Berkley riots and has personally assaulted opponents. She is proud of the fact that her group stopped Milo from speaking at Berkley and is glorying in her fifteen minutes of fame.

Note in the video below how she calls everyone with whom she disagrees a "fascist." But who looked like Nazi brownshirts during the Berkeley riots?

And here's my question: Does Yvette Falarca believe in free speech? Yes and no. Yes for herself and her violent cohorts. No for anyone with whom she disagrees --- just call them names to justify your hatred and attacks. She's pretty loose with the term "facist," but the actions of her storm troopers follow the same tactics as the fascists in Germany during "kristellnacht." They started with book burnings, but soon escalated to burning establishments and beating those who opposed their evil ideology, which is pretty close to what the leftists believe. This wasn't only about Milo. Pay attention to her mention of Trump. It's all about the mob bringing down the president, folks. Don't kid yourself. And a side bonus is that she gets her fifteen minutes of fame.

Last question: How would you like to have Yvette Falarca, a California middle school teacher, brainwashing your child in her classroom? I think it's time for concerned citizens to picket Falarca's school and demand her removal. I hope the people she assaults prosecute. She accused Milo of wanting to kill people and encouraging others to kill people. That sounds like defamation to me. Note especially her definition of fascism: those who commit violence and encourage others to commit violence. Uhhh...isn't that what her group is doing?

The woman is one more hypocritical, glassy-eyed  leftist who wants to shut down freedom of speech for all those who elected Trump to office. We are the ones she is accusing of wanting to rape and murder and commit genocide. She and others like her would love to put us all in the camps if she can't intimidate us into silence. Fight back with prayer and if you have a nut like this in your local school take action.

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