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Monday, February 20, 2017

Islam's Objective? The Death of Free Speech...

Useful idiots using free speech to kill free speech.
...but the "useful idiots" just don't get it and happily use their current free speech rights to work for its Dartmouth professors and students donning hijabs to show their unity with Islam. It's ironic, to say the least, when you realize that Islam wants the death of free speech. And, in fact, they are well on the way to getting what they want.
suppression. Hence the madness in the streets continue. This weekend the protests are "We're All Muslims" now with

Have you heard of U.N. resolution 16/18? If you read the resolution you can almost completely miss the fact that it criminalizes free speech.
It uses language that sounds benign. But consider what happened with the video falsely blamed for the Benghazi massacre. The man who produced that video, a satire on Islam which is a religion of violence and domination, ended up in jail? Why?

Under 16/18 any criticism of Islam as what it truly is, a political system of domination with the goal of establishing a universal caliphate, would be criminalized. A 2011 article at CNS pointed out the danger:
One of the features of resolution 16/18 cited most often by its Western supporters is the fact that it calls for the criminalization only of religion-related “incitement to imminent violence” – not for instances of religious stereotyping or stigmatization that stop short of inciting violence, as was the case in the earlier religious defamation texts. 
Critics are concerned, however, about how this could be interpreted. Would the burning of a copy of the Qur’an be viewed as inciting “imminent violence,” given the intensity of Muslim feeling about the sanctity of the book? 
In the view of veteran international religious liberty analyst and advocate Elizabeth Kendal resolution 16/18, “far from being a breakthrough for free speech … is actually more dangerous than” the religious defamation resolutions. 
“Indeed, the strategic shift from defamation to incitement actually advances the OIC’s [Organization of Islamic Cooperation] primary goal: the criminalization of criticism of Islam,” she wrote. 
“For, in Resolution 16/18, the OIC has deliberately and strategically adopted the language of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 20.2, which mandates: any advocacy of hatred that ‘constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.’”
In my opinion this resolution actually encourages Islamic violence. Someone makes a video or draws a cartoon or writes a book and Islamic violence follows "proving" that the individual satirizing or criticizing Islam "incited violence." And then, like the producer of the video that the Obama administration used to lie about Benghazi is blamed for violence and jailed. They got him for probation violations, but the underlying reason for his imprisonment was exercising free speech.

Remember the anger over Pope Benedict's Regensburg Address? He was discussing the relationship between faith and reason and pointed out how Islam which spread by violence contradicted reason. Islam and Christianity cannot have a discussion based on reason because what Christianity stands for is anathema to Islam. Scott Hahn illustrates that in discussing a "debate" on the Trinity proposed with an Islamic scholar. Wake up, folks. When you pray the Our Father or the Glory Be you are blaspheming the God of Islam. Among the first things to go in an Islamic state is free speech.


Anonymous said...

Do we have to create a secret language as Chinese women did?

David Sharples said...

Most People are naïve and won't make the effort to study the problem, but we here in the US have two good things going for us:
1. The troubles have been and will continue to be in Europe, an Atlantic away.
2. We have an America first, a nation with borders -mindset for the first time in a long time.