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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When the Pope is an Abusive Father, It's Blow after Blow!

Hmm...What can I do today to beat up the faithful?
I know, I'll have La Civilta Cattolica discuss reopening
the question of women priests. Yes, that'll do it. 
It's clear to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that things are not well with Holy Mother Church these days with Pope Francis at the helm. (See the articles linked below.) The barque of Peter can never sink, but she is certainly being drilled full of holes by the pope and his liberal cabal that act more like mafia dons than apostles.

Faithful Catholics need to pray, but not to be naive about what's happening. Has the Lord allowed this because lack of faith and our lukewarmness? There is a saying that you get the leaders you deserve. Read these articles and then make a Lenten resolution to grow in faith by studying Church dogma, in hope by reading the lives of the saints, and in charity by loving and sharing the truth with others. We are the light of the world. If the Vatican is turning off the lights, get out the candles!

From Dr. Ed Peters: A blow upon a bruise

From One Peter 5: " can only be a matter of time before others engaging in acts such as homosexual sodomy will be explicitly added to the group of those who “must” be given access to the sacraments as a means of “pastoral care”.

Dr. Jeff Mirus: Reopening the Question of Women's Ordination

Hilary White: Pope Francis operates a "network of lies, intrigue, espionage, mistrust, and more than anything, fear."

How is a faithful Catholic to react to all this? Think of Jesus gazing down upon Jerusalem and weeping. What is He doing now as He gazes on Rome and the Church he founded on His Blood? Was He talking about the Vatican and the successor of St. Peter when He said, "When I return will I find any faith on the earth?"

Whatever happens in Rome cry out, "Yes, Lord, you'll find me holding fast to the faith as passed on from you to the Apostles. I will cling to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded on the rock of St. Peter, even when his successor takes a jackhammer to that rock!" Have mercy on us, O Lord, and grant us Your salvation!


TLM said...

Make no mistake, Mary Ann, if the Cardinals don't stop him and stop him fast, the day is coming sooner than we think that we will have to go 'underground' so to speak. He is working now on changing the Mass and especially the Eucharistic Prayer in the Mass to make it acceptable to Protestants. Will it even be valid? Not a chance. Loosening the morals that God set before us, destroying the Mass, women priests (oh yes, this is in the works), etc, etc. This is the 'New Catholic Springtime'. Lord Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of your Mother and ours................PLEASE STOP HIM!!!!!!

Rosemary Therese said...

May GOD have mercy on us and protect us during these demonic times. Spare your people, O, Lord, who long to see Your Face!

Anna Everskemper said...

Join Nineveh 90, as long as it's still time.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

This is the article describing Nineveh 90. If you can't do everything, can you add something to your spiritual routine?