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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pray for the Holy Father and for all the Bishops Courageous Enough to Correct Him

I spoke to Bishop Schneider at a meeting about a year ago. Our families both come from the Alsace Lorraine area of Germany. My maiden name was Schneider and I like to think we are related. Several of my nephews resemble him so perhaps we do share a family connection. Please pray for him. He's a courageous man and I was impressed when I heard him speak by his spirit of humility. That's something hard to fake. I've only experienced that a few times. Once when I heard Mother Teresa speak in person and with an acquaintance at my parish. Humility and holiness go together. If you meet a person who's full of pride and arrogance -- run the other way. Our Lady is our great model of holiness. Let's ask her daily to intercede that we might have the spirit of humility that makes us docile to the will of God.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Let us pray that Cardinal Burke et al may have the fortitude to follow up on their dubia. Has it not been over two months since the issuance of the dubia? I find the lack of mention of any follow-up to be disturbing.

Chriss Rainey said...

I agree, Mary Ann, pride and arrogance are hand in hand. What apparently isn't so obvious is that when the Church and politics are hand in hand the combination produces the same result.

The laiety must enter politics to be the salt in civilization, but when the Church joins hands with politics what we get are things like Liberation theology, or Social Justice ministries, or love of Mother Earth, or support of people like Hitler, as some clergy did initially, or of Franco in Spain, as Escriva did, or of the idea we can have a world government but only after we squelch our religious differences and accept all as legitimate paths. What starts out as good intentions leads to hell. You cannot serve 2 gods. You have complete faith in the Trinity, or you place your faith in man. Those on the fence are already lost, in most cases, because their pride easily overtakes their humility.

When Francis and his ilk choose the designs of man over the gospel they leave behind the truth and join hands with deception.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with everything you said here, except Franco. Who was on the right side in that conflict? The rebels were murdering religious and closing churches like the government of Mexico did. Franco certainly wasn't perfect, but he wasn't the monster he's been portrayed as and he was the one defending the Church against a leftist cabal of communists, socialists, and other assorted anarchists. Escriva was on the right side of that conflict.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I recommend Warren Carroll's book, The Last Crusade, to understand the Spanish civil war.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Absolutely read Warren Carroll's book, THE LAST CRUSADE. Generalissimo Franco was definitely on the good side which was the side of the Catholic Church. The other side was the liberal Communist anti-God radicals - like the ones marching in our streets right now calling for the killing of President Trump.

France and his wife prayed the Rosary every night, and at the end of the war he laid his sword on the altar and said that Spain would never have such a war ever again as long as he was alive.

As soon as he died the crucifixes started being removed from classrooms and now Spain has everything he fought against - abortion, homosexuality, transgender agendas...the whole nine yards.