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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Teenager Responds to Disgusting "Gift Ideas after Abortion" Article at Teen Vogue

This gives me great hope. With teenagers like this, who know and understand the truth, we can be confidant that the future is in good hands. Lord Jesus, bless this young woman and spread her message far and wide. May it touch many young women considering abortion and lead them to life!


Susan Matthiesen said...

Autumn from Students for Life is fabulous. Like their website says, "She's Planned Parenthood's' worst nightmare" and now is TeenVogue's also.

Anonymous said...

I wish all schools would show this. Are there any brave teachers out there......??

Allison said...

This TEEN VOGUE article IS SO HORRIFYING, but I've come to expect that from abortion mongers. We know now that abortion is SOLD and marketed to girls, a money maker. When we trivialize LIFE like this...well, we see how it has affected our moral compass as a country in the promotion of the culture of death and the sexualization of our youth. I pray that more young girls find the maturity and wisdom represented in this warrior's words and adopt and share them courageously.