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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Is This Happening at a Mosque Near You? And How Mammon is Corrupting the Church!

Suppose your parish priest gave a homily at Mass tomorrow instructing you to go out and kill the
heretics in your local Protestant churches. You would believe he'd gone crazy, right? But imams encouraging their congregations to kill the infidels is no aberration; it's following Mohammad's instructions. Check out these articles where imams, the religious leaders of Islam, promote terrorism and other acts of violence:

Imam at Stoke, UK mosque encourages terror attacks

French mosque a "breeding ground for terrorists"

Northern Virginia mosque is a "front group" for terrorists

Chicago imam urges jihad for Gaza

"Sophisticated network" of radical mosques in the U.S.

Imam at Cardiff mosque preaches that Islam approves of "sex slaves"

ISIS is Islam

Have you embraced the lie that Islam is a religion of peace? Hogwash! Islam is a vile and violent religious/political system that cannot co-exist with Christianity. Muslims who act like Christians (respecting their neighbors) are "bad" Muslims who don't follow the faith as taught in the Koran. (Which is why they are often the targets of "good" Muslims.) "Good" Muslims consider their non Muslim neighbors "dhimmi" or second-class citizens who are heavily taxed and allowed to live in Muslim countries only at the whim of their despotic rulers. ISIS murder of Christians does NOT violate the Koran.

If we want Islamic subjugation in America we can embrace the insanity of the "We're all Muslim" useful idiots or we can have the sense to recognize that a large Muslim population in the U.S. means the ultimate destruction of our laws and Constitution. There is NO free speech in Muslim countries. There are NO women's rights in Muslim countries. There is NO freedom of religion in Muslim countries. Look at the Muslim countries where Christians are fleeing and ask yourself what you will do when there is no place to run! The promotion of this insanity by the U.S. bishops (USCCB) is insane. Why are they doing it? Follow the money. In 2012, Catholic Charities resettlement programs received $71 million from the Obama administration.  In 2016 it was up to over $91 million. For a list of government grants to the USCCB programs check here. And that's just money going to the USCCB. State groups, like Catholic Charities, also rake in the moolah. And when they disburse these grants, they can't at the same time carry on the evangelizing mission of the Church as an HHS speaker who is a former USCCB employee confirmed at a meeting last October at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Arlington. Face it, folks, Mammon owns much of the Catholic Church in America and is using it to subvert the faith and bring down our country. Many of our bishops are enablers who appear to be more faithful to the Almighty Dollar than to Almighty God. Pray and fight for a restoration of the authentic Catholic faith!

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Sixupman said...

My diocese in the UK, Salford, advertises on its web-site ""! The bishop is promoting a lay orientation of parish management, with priests as mere confectioners of The Sacrament - where appropriate; he appears to have little time for the promotion of Confession - a waste of time; and surprise, promotes Amoris Laetitiae, et al!