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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Global Jihad - Part Three

I don't dialogue with Infidel Kuffars! I TELL them 
what I will do! Your 
sons will be raised Muslim 
and taught 
to fight for Islam! Your 
daughters will 
bear my children! 
Your wife will be my slave! I 
will live in 
your house, your 
country will be the 
House of Islam, your churches will 
be mosques 
and Allah will rule the world - then there 
will be 
! So yeah! Dialogue! Let's do 
that ...after I KILL you!!! 

- Peaceful Muslim on his way to America
This is part Three from Winds of Jihad. This is 100% their material which I copy and paste.  Adam Harvey (AH), Indonesia correspondent for Australia’s reliably-Islamophile ABC asks the questions. The excellent and knowledgeable responses are from Christina McIntosh (CM) of Winds of Jihad.

AH - “It will make it harder for Muslims dealing with the conservative discourse and even terrorism. People seem to share the view that the US is against Islam.’

They are taught that all Kuffar are against Islam. Which is projection, plain and simple, because it is Islam that has set itself against the whole of the non-Muslim world, dividing the planet into dar al Islam, the zone of subjection, where Islam rules, absolutely, and the Dar al Harb, the zone of War, which is to be warred against, by Muslims, until it is all gone, its people dead, or converted, or reduced to Dhimmitude, and there is nothing left in the world, anywhere, but Islam, Islam, Islam. CM

AH - "On the streets of Jakarta, young students at one university campus said that they were concerned about Mr Trump’s immigration policies. 'I think it is such a loss. America is a superpower. Why would they be racist to Muslims? They can be more open, it’s a new world', said one student."
Pffft. Malay Muslims in Indonesia are deeply racist – and bigoted – towards the non-Muslim non-Malay Chinese. And the USA has every right to keep out of the USA people who believe it is their allah-given right to dominate the whole wide world and force everyone else in it to bend to their – the Muslims’ – will, and live by the inhuman unlaw that is the sharia of Islam. But as for ‘racism’ – this is not about race at all. This is about ideology; about keeping out of the USA at least some card-carrying adherents of a very, very nasty and aggressive ideology. It would be no loss to America, or any other Infidel country, if all Muslims were excluded, henceforward. The presence of those who have already gotten in through the gates has made life – for the resident infidels, whether immigrant or indigenous – much more unpleasant, expensive and physically deadly-dangerous, than would have been the case, without that Muslim Fifth Column. Because… Got Muslims? Got Jihad.CM
AH - “Donald Trump is a very firm president, disciplined, and committed” said another. “But I think he should also be firmly keeping the tolerance in America. The American people don’t consist of Americans alone, but people from many countries like Indonesia”.

The Malay Muslim Indonesian presence within the gates of the USA is, so far as one can discover, minimal and minuscule.. and it ought to be kept that way (a quick google round turned up the information that at present the vast majority of persons of “Indonesian” origin, in the USA, are of Chinese ethnicity, and Christian faith). Muslim Indonesians read the same Quran, Sira and Hadiths, and have exactly the same murderous warlord as their ultimate role model, as all other Muslims in the world.

My advice to President Donald Trump: it is time for the USA to disengage, adroitly and over time, but with decision, from Muslim Indonesia. Reduce, and ultimately cut off, whatever ‘aid’ you give them. Do not flatter, do not fawn, do not appease, do not grovel; you must not only seem, but be, “the Strong Horse”. And do not permit Muslims from Indonesia to enter the USA; only admit those persons, from Indonesia, who can be firmly identified as members of the non-Muslim minority groups, notably the Christian or Buddhist or Confucian/ Taoist or entirely secular ethnic Chinese, who may well find themselves wanting to flee Indonesia in increasing numbers, as Indonesia, like all other Muslim countries, grows ever more oppressively and purely Islamic. 
I understand that Mr Trump has had friendly dealings with an ethnically-Chinese non-Muslim businessman in Indonesia; Mr Trump would do well to consult with Australian scholar Mark Durie, on the subject of Dhimmitude, and the Dhimmi, and be very cautious as to what kind of advice he takes from his Chinese-Indonesian Christian friend, on the subject of Muslim-dominated (and growing steadily ever-more-Islamic) Indonesia. For if his friend is of a Dhimmi mindset, the advice given by that friend is likely to be very unhelpful. 
If you are looking for a countervailing force, in Asia, to the aggression of communist China, and the real risk of a Muslim Indonesia “going Jihad”, then that force exists in posse in India (provided India can be encouraged to shuck off Dhimmitude and curtail the influence of its destabilizing and destructive Muslim fifth column, the influence of which is orders of magnitude worse than what Muslims have already achieved in the USA). – CM

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