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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Commercial Break: Grandparents Rule (Book)

We've been posting a lot of serious things lately and truly IT CAN BE DEPRESSING! So I thought a break from the bad things going on in the family of the Church and a look at grandparenting 101 was in order. I love the grandma in the video below: a cookie-baking, grandchild-entertaining grandma.

At my house, grandma bakes, does crafts, plays Kings in the Corners and Go Fish, works puzzles, gives cooking lessons, stops for a visit at Church to light a candle on the way to the ice cream shop etc. Grandpa (named Paka by our oldest grandchild) gives tractor rides and bike riding lessons, pushes swings, tutors math, etc..

When life is as serious as it is today, it's important to focus on what is really important -- faith and family. So all you grandparents out there. Go for a walk in the woods with your grandchildren today. Or go throw rocks in the river and walk across the scary bridge. And if you stop to smell the roses, or look at a bug, or climb on some rocks -- be sure you have some small companions by your side to remind you that heaven belongs to such as these! And if you want to serve french toast for dinner, go for it!


umblepie said...

Nice one, Mary Ann!

Aqua said...

Faith and family. In that order. Well said. Nice post. There is goodness in the world.

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