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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: How Could It Happen? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Climbers love photo ops with
powerful men in the Church! 
Nabi Sayeth: Many good and decent people, people who have been faithful to Our Lord and His Holy Church are asking: “How could this be….how could a man such as Michael Bransfield rise to such a powerful position and remain in that position for so long?” In what follows, please find my humble attempt to illustrate how such a thing happened to the good people of West Virginia:
  • It is crystal clear that the “Who loves Uncle Teddy” philosophy dominated bishop appointments for many years, especially in the eastern section of the US. Bransfield was rector (manager) of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC at the exact same time that “Cardinal” MCCarrick CONTROLLED Washington, DC. MCCarrick had a major connection to more than one pope and was “friends” with numerous Vatican department heads (the departments are called “congregations). As soon as the diocese in West Virginia became open due to the retirement of bishop Schmitt, Bransfield’s new “home” was ready for occupation.
  • But why West Virginia? Isn’t West Virginia one of the poorest states in the US? Why would an affluent bishop from Philadelphia want to come to the home of “country roads”? Why not some place more upscale, exotic or famous? There is only one answer: MONEY! At the time that Bransfield came to West Virginia, there was at least $500 million in the Diocesan reserve fund, a gold mine waiting to be plundered. After his ordination as bishop by Uncle Teddy, one of the visiting bishops from another diocese was being chauffeured by a volunteer back to the Pittsburgh airport. At one point, he asked the driver, “Does Wheeling have any good French restaurants?” The driver chuckled and replied, “Wheeling doesn’t have ANY French restaurants.” The bishop responded, “Oh you will soon because what Michael wants, Michael gets!” And while he never got his French restaurant, he got pretty much everything else his lustful heart desired.
  • Was he simply going to stay in West Virginia and be just one, big ecclesiastical leech, sucking the money out of the diocese for all his days here? Of course not! He lusted for a higher position up the ladder, perhaps becoming a Cardinal some day and he knew his dear Uncle Teddy could make it happen.
  • So why did he stay? The Vatican abhors bad publicity. When Bransfield was accused of sexually abusing teen-aged boys in 2012, which he vehemently denied, his lust to climb the hierarchical ladder of success was thwarted. In the eyes of Rome he was damaged goods. Even though they continued to graciously accept his hand-delivered million dollar checks on behalf of the Philadelphia-based Papal Foundation, he became a liability to them. He would be forever “stuck” in Wild, Wonderful.
  • But how did he manage to wield absolute power, especially as corrupt as he was? He could not be and live as the narcissist and sociopath that he is without support. His chancery clergymen were his primary support system and line of defense. They were “Yes boys”. Because they each were lustful climbers, they simply climbed their way into the arms of their ecclesiastical savior, Michael Bransfield. The narcissist is in love with himself and they gave Bransfield all of the adulation his sick distorted ego required while secretly loathing his very presence. The key indicator of a sociopath is his lack of conscience. Without blinking an eye, Bransfield mercilessly fired good, loyal, hard-working people such as George Smoulder [Editor's Note: Rev. Mr. George Smoulder is a permanent deacon who served as director of Catholic Community Services for 29 years before being abruptly dismissed without any input from the Board of Directors. Read this Op Ed for the Charleston Gazette that protested this action, one more abuse by the lavender mafia.] How could he get away with it? Because he had the unquestioned support of the chancery clergymen to back him up at all times. They so lusted to climb that they denied the voice of what little conscience they possessed. The Diocesan Attorney gave Bransfield the blind loyalty of a Nazi SS Captain and defended him vehemently. Then there was the lay staff, especially the department heads who wrote the checks, identified the major donors to be “wined and dined”, and who said “yes” to every whim and wish of his excellency. They actually defended him when the media revealed that he had installed a sunken bar and wine cellar in his Wheeling mansion! They functioned in a manner akin to the Jewish Kapo at the Nazi concentration camps who sought to save their own hides as they processed their fellow Jews to the gas chambers. Nabi actually feels compassion for these Diocesan lay staff people because they must live with incredible shame and guilt for “following orders”. They compromised their consciences to save their jobs. And none of them, clergy or laity, can claim to be innocent. All saw, all knew, all participated at one level or another. 
  • But what about the people? They were looked upon by Bransfield and his chancery crew as dumb sheep. They expected and DEPENDED UPON the sheep to keep quiet and to “Pray, Pay and Obey.” However, different groups of people responded in different ways to the oppressive Bransfield regime. First, were the affluent climbers, those who sought to garner favor or attention from his excellency and/or members of his Lavender crew. Such favors and those who sought them included but were not limited to: people who sought the hastening of annulments, individuals having their name mentioned at a banquet, politicians who wanted his “blessing”(endorsement), people who wanted an appointment to a Diocesan committee or board, wealthy individuals who gave gifts of money and material goods often expecting recognition or return, investment brokers and bankers who grovelled for just a sliver of the Diocesan investment pie and contractors who hoped to win bids on services and projects Second, the laity who bowed and stooped because he was THE bishop and a successor of the apostles. Being in the same room or Church was a high honor, especially for the more rural and traditional Catholic. Being in a photograph with his excellency was a prize that was cherished. In their eyes, Bransfield could do no wrong, even when the evidence began to suggest otherwise. Then there is, tragically, the growing number of people who just don’t care. They think they are helpless.They have heard and seen enough in the media about sexual and financial scandals to evolve into functional atheists on the road to becoming anti-Church hardened atheists. Some of them have watched their once cherished Churches and missions and schools closed while hearing from the chancery crew that the reason was “We don’t have any money!” Absent from their ears has been any evangelistic word from anyone even remotely associated with the diocese. An increasing number of what’s left of those who have any faith at all are finding comfort in other Churches or they start up their own even though the long-term feasibility of such small groups is not good at all. 
  • The vast size of the diocese actually enabled the Bransfield regime to flourish and go on year after year unchallenged. The chancery crew used the “divide and conquer” philosophy to their advantage. If you keep the “dumb sheep” ignorant and separated then their reign of power goes unchecked. If only the people had organized and communicated with one another throughout the state, the bigger picture of the debauchery taking place in Wheeling would have been clear for all to see. The Charleston newspaper did a good job of communicating an accurate but limited picture of the Bransfield regime but the Wheeling newspapers were often silent. 

As you see, the forces and factors that kept the Bransfield regime alive and thriving were many. But what happens next? If the hierarchy cannot be trusted, where do the people turn? More to come….


Chriss Rainey said...

As you describe those with $$$ who hovered and enjoyed the access to and benefits of power, the image that came to mind was flies on a cow pie. Sickening. Shameful.

coco2 said...

The very first time I was at a Mass presided by Bransfield, I thought he had no belief in God. I could only say this to my husband, but I think all the signs were evident for all to see. No reverence evident. He couldn't write a sermon. Empty sermons that said nothing. My husband referred to the end of the Mass as "roll credits". The groveling that was taking place was evident. Ladder climbers couldn't afford to say a word or they would get banished from their preferred placements. I pray Lord, for a good and holy Bishop.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Nabi needs to have all the posts made into a book. That is an easily accomplished project requiring work from a few dedicated people. I will volunteer to help.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Too early for the book, Susan. Lots more to come.

And I join in your prayers, Barbara, for a good and holy bishop for Wheeling. My husband's family there I'm sure are also praying for that.

Unknown said...

Never liked him from the beginning. I always said that he was a glorified politician. He is one of the reasons that I have backed away from the Catholic religion.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Yes, well, when Nabi has finished...and even while a book is in the process of being assembled more can be added until the final print deadline...A BOOK NEEDS TO BE PUBLISHED. Nabi can use the proceeds to build a good Catholic school in West Virginia...unless they get a good bishop there.

People need to know what the sodomite Lavender Mafia does, how they operate, how they drool for money and power and what that lust does to souls.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Oh Unknown...that makes me so sad.

How can you let someone like Bransfield rob you of the consolation of the Church Jesus founded for our nourishment?

St. Francis calls those (like Bransfield) who scandalize spiritual murderers. But those who let these evil men damage their faith, he says, commit spiritual suicide. I'm praying for you today and especially at Mass tomorrow morning.

Only in the Catholic Church can you receive Jesus Christ Himself Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament. And not even evil clergy can rob you of that precious soul-sustaining gift. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Biagio said...

The absolute shame is as I speak with members of the diocese and or hierarchy they are totally oblivious of the matter. One priest actually had his parishioners pray for him. Also what is this REPARATION--These assholes sinned they should be in continual REPARATION for us the parishioners. From this point on I have absolutely no respect for the clergy! They were either involved or turned a blind eye. The only ones I respect were those banished or refused to allow themselves to be debauched or play the game.

Ademar said...


I studied Theology for some years in DC when then-Msgr. Bransfield was the Director of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conceprion.

The Nabi's reportages about his sacrilegious (because he's a consecrated man) sodomy and other evils FINALLY make sense of why I, despite my almost daily visits for Mass and/or Confession to this magnificent Basilica devoted to Our Lady, never felt at home there: a sodomite - sacrilegious no less - was running the place, bringing all manner of demonic influence into it by his grievous sins. His successor at the Basilica, Rossi, was an assistant there at the time, so even more evil spirits being drawn to the place.

Sodomy is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance: oh, what a vengeance these Churchmen are calling down!!

Our Lady of Fatima, help us!!

Heartbroken said...

I’m having a hard time digesting all of this despicable truths though they must be known. I agree this Lavendar Mafia needs to be exposed. Would National News cover the lavender Mafia in All dioceses???

Heartbroken said...

Dateline perhaps?

Hadassah said...

It is incredibly heartbreaking how Bransfield was able to take advantage of so many. Cardinal Wuerl and "Uncle Teddy "Theodore McCarrik were instrumental in his rise to power. There is another who held many of Bransfields secrets. When in Rome? Bransfield enjoyed many extravagant trips to Rome where his friend would wine, dine and cater to his lavish lifestyle. Including the homosexual network in Rome. Oh if the walls of "Santa Maria Maggiore", and "Santa Susanna", and the residence of the former discraced Archbishop of Boston could talk. Bransfield along with his " My Lords", and even Brian and Sean Bransfield will be forever grateful to the hospitality of Cardinal Bernard Law.

Aqua said...

Mary Ann,

Totally agree with your encouragements to "unknown". Real damage, spiritual murder as it were, occurs when those who can do something about clerical perversity and spiritual, doctrinal collapse choose instead to proclaim ... "Who am I to judge". Lives, souls, real people are hanging in the balance between heaven and hell.

Personally, I find this moment clarifying. It is much more difficult when this stuff lies hidden behind masks of pharasaical smiles and fake religion, behind which are hidden choices for deviance, sodomy and every sin. Now? As bad as it is, I can see who I am up against; what they are trying to do to us.

I have always known the attraction of sin. I know well, personally, how cunning the devil is to try and take who doesn't belong to him. Seeing the evidence of the field of battle makes it much easier to "armour up" and engage fully in the fight.

God: first, middle, last. If so, everything else falls into place no matter what world, temptations, human brokenness we currently live in.