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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: It's ALL Connected!

It's not always easy to
connect the dots. Do it anyway!
Nabi Sayeth: Lets begin with two stories, stories which may initially seem disparate, but upon further examination are actually connected in a most significant manner.

First story:

A 23-year-old man in South Carolina was ordered to spend 12 years behind bars after he “bit” his ex-girlfriend’s lip so hard that it became detached, officials said.

Seth Aaron Fleury entered a guilty plea Thursday to a charge of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, 13th Circuit Solicitor Walt Wilkins announced in a news release.

On Oct. 21, 2017, Fleury was set to meet up with his ex-girlfriend to “discuss their relationship,” Wilkins said. However, it resulted in a disagreement.

Fleury got upset when his former partner didn’t want to get back together with him and he tried to kiss her, the news release said.

“She pulled away and he bit down on her bottom lip with such force that her lip was amputated,” the news release said, after which he fled the area.

Doctors attempted to "reattach her lip" during “emergency plastic surgery,” but their attempts were unsuccessful, Wilkins said. The female now endures “permanent, serious scarring and permanent, limited range of motion in her mouth,” the news release said.

“This case demonstrates the unique circumstances under which domestic violence occurs, and how quickly these situations can escalate into violence,” Wilkins said in the news release. “Hopefully this prison sentence will make it clear to both this defendant and other abusers that domestic violence in any fashion will not be tolerated.”

Fleury will not qualify for parole until at least 85 percent of his prison term is completed, the news release said. (Story by Elizabeth Swirz 10/18/18)

Second story:

Just a few years ago an order came down from the diocese and was emailed to all priests in West Virginia. The order? All priests were expected to say a mass on Christmas Day. Now, you might be saying to yourself at this point: “Okay, is this serious? Is Nabi or the diocese joking? MUST A CATHOLIC PRIEST BE ORDERED TO SAY A MASS ON CHRISTMAS DAY???” How could it be that the diocese had to order its priests to say a Christmas Day mass? Wouldn’t a priest WANT to say a mass on Christmas Day, one of the most important and holy feasts of the entire year???”

There is no question that Christmas Day is a most important day. We must thank God for the gift of our Savior and Lord. So, why did some priests stop saying mass on Christmas Day?

Their argument at first sounds quite practical: Mass attendance for masses on Christmas Day has declined in many parishes over the years, unfortunately. People come and bring their little ones to the earliest masses on Christmas Eve so as to “get their obligation out of the that they can relax on Christmas morning…”
But what about honoring Jesus?

Recently, a parish priest polled his parishioners with regard to having a midnight mass. Do you remember those beautiful and holy events? Unfortunately, it was decided to cancel midnight mass, a tradition that had been held in that particular parish for many years because attendance at midnight mass had declined. But what about those devout Catholics who still want the midnight mass? Does their faith not matter? One sure way to kill attendance at midnight mass is to cancel it!

Now, back to the original question: What does a crazed man biting off his ex-girlfriend’s lip have to do with a priest not saying mass on our Savior’s Birthday?

MATERIALISM, and its sister SECULARISM. What does this mean? It means that we live in an era whereby the “TRANSCENDENT” is no longer recognized nor appreciated in our world. Nothing is a mystery any longer. Life is a logical equation to be solved. Little if anything is considered sacred or holy. It’s all just material stuff in a material world. And if you follow this thinking then…
Christmas is just a date on a calendar that can be celebrated whenever one desires, whenever it is convenient. There is nothing special or sacred or “magical” about December 25th. 
A woman’s body part (lip) is just material stuff that can be manipulated and destroyed if she makes her boyfriend mad. But what about the Truth that the lip which the man bit off had been attached to a child of God, someone’s daughter, sister or mother? 
According to radical feminists, the stuff in a mother’s womb is a POC (product of conception) that can be evacuated and destroyed if it is deemed logical, expedient, or convenient to do so. 
A priest can sexually manipulate (sodomize) a “hot” teen boy or young adult male or he can view graphic pornography of an artist such as Philip Gladstone and then say mass, hear confessions and hang out with children at an age similar to those featured in Gladstone’s work such as middle school or high school boys. It/they are just material stuff for the personal pleasure of the priest...right? 
A bishop can spend Diocesan money on a sunken bar, wine cellar, renovating his several mansions, make many first-class flights to Rome, send his personal chef to France to learn French cooking, all while “serving” in one of the poorest states in the USA. 
A pastor can take a wrecking ball to a Catholic Church and destroy its sacred space, replacing it with modern, abstract “art” that is “cool." 
A male can awaken one morning and “decide” that he FEELS more like a woman that particular day….really? But what about the Truth that God created him male? Does this not imply that human sexuality is merely stuff that can be changed or manipulated irregardless of the Truth that God created us a certain way? Does such thinking not imply that God made a mistake, and that humans are smarter than God?Is this not an insult to the majesty of God???

And on and on and on….
My Friends, our faith is an incarnate faith. We believe that God sent His only Son into this world to save us. He became a human being, like us in all things but sin. Human life is sacred. Jesus consecrated human life at every stage. Our world is imbued with the Precious Presence of God. Our Sacraments are holy, sacred and filled with transcendent Grace. What you and I see in this world is not all that there is….Human beings and their loving hearts, minds and souls are a gift from God, never to be used or manipulated for personal gain or pleasure. When clergymen do not take care of the faith of our people they crush the faith that the people have and threaten their very souls. And the significant decline in the number of Catholics in the USA that is being reported by reliable research data bears witness to this.

To all clergymen of all stripes and species: Rather than move forward to assimilate our culture, why not do what our early Church did for many centuries and at great cost to Her people???…”Be IN the world but not OF the world.”

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