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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Who's Violent? You Need to Watch This and Pray for the Midterms!

The mainstream media HATES Donald Trump. They have  attacked Donald Trump and anyone who supports him since even before he won the Republican primary. If they retake the Congress in the midterms we are in real trouble. Their party is the party of baby-killing and baby-body sales, tax and spend, open borders, violence and harassment against opponents, political correctness, and calumny and slander as political tools.

Their attacks aren't just verbal. Leftists (who like to call themselves progressives) are physically violent. They advocate communist and fascist tactics. So, while CNN, MSNBC, and the Hollywood elite have the gall to accuse Trump supporters of violence, it is they and their political masters who foment violence and urge their followers to abandon civility to smash windows, attack police officers,  and harass their opponents at restaurants gas stations, and stores. It is people like Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder rallying the mob to riot in the streets, set fires and vandalize and loot and attack anyone who dares to support Trump. Thank the Democrats for the shooting at the ball field in Alexandria that almost killed Steve Scalise. And they continue to ramp up the violence.

Remember their "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun" comment and Eric Holder called for Democrats to "kick Republicans." Who was it that shot up the Republican baseball practice? And who said someone should take a hit for the cause and kill Kananaugh? Who held a bloody head of Trump? Who turned Shakespeare's Julius Caesar into a kill-Trump event in Central Park?

It sure wasn't conservatives!

These people aren't just unhinged, they have embraced evil. They apparently never heard of the Golden Rule and one day they will be treated exactly the way they are treating others. The devil ALWAYS eats his own when he's finished using them.

Watch this movie. Can you imagine these thugs in power? What do you think they will do to law-abiding citizens who disagree with them? It's no surprise really. People who advocate killing babies and vulnerable sick and elderly people, don't respect your rights either. This is what you (and your children) will get if you vote for liberals or if you shrug and stay home on election day. They don't just want abortion; they want anarchy. They want to destroy the rule of law and eliminate the Constitution. And the Democrat political elite and their thugs in the media are fomenting violence. We can't let this continue. Pray, fast, and vote! It's not only your civic duty; it's your Christian duty.

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