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Monday, October 15, 2018

You Can Do Something for LIFE: Go to the Gosnell Movie

UPDATE October 15 -- 

“Gosnell” Movie Profiling Serial-Killer Abortionist Breaks Top 10 Nationally Despite Media Blackout 

Just imagine what the results would have been if it had opened in more theaters. It was the ONLY film in the top ten that didn't see a drop-off in attendance on Sunday. Don't miss this blockbuster movie! They never show an aborted baby in the film but you can view Baby A on their website. He is a beautiful little nearly full term baby -- this is the reality of abortion. There is no helpless little one in the womb they will not kill. And Planned Parenthood is the biggest killer in the country. Isn't it time STOP PLANNED PARENTHOOD. They run the most prolific serial killing business in the world!

Go to see the Gosnell movie! The first weekend helps to determine how much attention this movie will get. Please! Go and take a friend! Get the message out. Abortionists are no friends to women. Primarily they are money-grubbing bottom feeders and serial killers who shrug when they take out a few women along with their targets. So go see the movie. JUST DO IT!


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Just came home from the movie. Wow! Professionally done, incredibly well acted. You really get the sense that Gosnell is a seriously disturbed individual while showing a human side totally in conflict with his actions. They ran pictures from the police raid and trial during the credits and that showed how careful they were to details. The photos look exactly like the locations in the film.

Go see this before it leaves the theatres. It was so good I may go see it again

wife said...

No local theater is showing the movie, so I did what the Gosnell producers suggest and bought tickets this weekend at other theaters to help the count! I'm hoping that if the movie does well, my local theaters will show it.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There is nothing graphic visually in this movie about the atrocity of abortion. The prosecutor shows one of the victims to the jury, and then projects the photo on a courtroom screen, but the audience never sees it. The little one's dead body is, however, shown on the movie's website and I went there to view it. I urge you to look at the photo. It shows a child approximately 32 weeks gestation.

It is legal in this country to murder children who are not only viable, but almost full term. Children like this were George Tiller's victims. They are currently being killed by many late-term butchers who happily make them their cash cows. The later the gestation the higher the kill fee. Look at Baby boy A and imagine how many thousands just like him are being murdered every year in this country. And ask yourself what kind of person is willing to do this.

Planned Parenthood is currently making plans with media moguls to legitimize and de-stigmatize abortion. They want women to proudly proclaim their right to kill full term babies. This is so diabolical one can only think those pushing it are possessed. Pray for these people. They are truly are the monsters horror movies are made from. Our Lady of Life, pray for us.