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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Monty Python's Prophetic Clip from the 1979 Film, Life of Brian

The only Monty Python film with which I'm familiar is The Holy Grail. My family is always making jokes about the "killer bunny." I have no idea what the politics or cultural views of the group were. But when I saw this clip from Life of Brian, I could only shake my head with a rueful laugh.

What's happening here? The group wants to be compassionate toward Stan, so they try to have it both ways. Sam CAN'T have babies but they decide to endorse his "right" to have babies (even though he can't have babies). Does that make your head spin? At the end of the clip his friend comments soto voce that Stan, or Caitlyn, Jazz, Loretta, as he wants to be called, is "symbolically struggling against reality." Read that again: Stan is STRUGGLING AGAINST REALITY. Yes, Virginia, there is TRUTH which is that which conforms to reality. And no matter how many operations, hormone injections, etc. one endures, the DNA doesn't lie!

Could Monty Python do this clip today in a film. Pardon my French, but HELL NO! It would be transphobic, homophobic, you name it phobic, and just plain mean! We are living in a world today filled with people who reject reality -- who demand you play their virtual reality game no matter how bizarre or sick. And, please, how many pronouns can we carry around in our heads for all these tyrannical individuals?

There's a name for the condition of those insisting that unreality is true. It's called INSANITY.

Fr. John Hardon told us on the last retreat he gave for the Marian Catechists, that if we made one resolution during the retreat, it should be to "live in the real world." Many people don't today. They are delusional. Playing their game will make you as sick as they are. Don't do it!

Draw closer to "THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE." Jesus saves.


Susan Matthiesen said...

Nothing like objective reality. John Cleese - "symbolic of his struggle against reality" - is one of my favorites.

Aqua said...

Compassion = Truth

Hate = Lies

Compassion = telling the person about to eat a plate of poo that it is not actual food. Try this juicy, seasoned steak instead.

Hate = telling the person about to eat a plate of poo that it is likely very delicious. Have another helping.