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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pastor Andrew Brunson Prays for President Trump

Pastor Andrew Brunson kisses the American flag 
after his release from Turkey. Colin Kaepernick
could take a lesson from Pastor Brunson. 
After two years in a Turkish prison Pastor Andrew Brunson has been freed through the intervention of President Trump. The Presbyterian clergyman faced decades in jail for "christianization" of the Islamic country.

The ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) has fought hard for Brunson's and had this to say about his release:

President Trump and his team have been tenacious in seeking the release of Pastor Andrew. We’re grateful to the President, Members of Congress, and diplomatic leaders who continued to put pressure on Turkey to secure the freedom of Pastor Brunson. The fact that he is preparing to return to the United States can only be viewed as a significant victory for Pastor Brunson and his family.
Within hours of his return Pastor Brunson met with President Trump and asked to pray for him. Can you imagine a scene like this in the Obama White House? Or under a President Hillary Clinton administration? I sure can't. The pastor would still be rotting in the Turkish jail.

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Chriss Rainey said...

I notice how frequently people say, "Our thoughts and prayers are with you." This video is very touching in a way empty words are not so much of the time.

We should just say, I will pray for you and then do it right then and there.

Imagine if we actually called on God everytime we pretend we are.

God, creator of all things, send blessings on this nation's struggling families and protect and guide our president, Donald Trump, as he leads us with your hand away from evil, corruption, and deceit. Amen.