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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Nabi Sayeth...Clean Up Our Beloved Church!

Nabi Sayeth: The clean up and disinfecting of our beloved Catholic Church has begun and it must not stop until completed.

Bishops, Lavender clergy, and unfortunately, members of the laity, often affluent, have together allowed incredible harm to be done to our children, teens and young adults. In addition, the “higher ups” including the papal nuncio (stationed in DC and who serves as the pope’s point man in the US), Vatican cardinals and department heads, and tragically, even the Pope himself, have allowed the WV cover ups to occur and continue without fear of exposure or discipline. Everyone covers for everyone else!

One such cover up involved a clergyman who, though “retired,” continues to fill in at parishes around the diocese. Pat Wash is a very sick sexual deviant.

On October 6, 1992 while attempting to give oral sex to an undercover state Trooper at a rest stop off I-79, Wash was handcuffed and booked.

Here’s a copy of his arrest/booking information:
After being released, Wash was taken away for “treatment” to a facility in St. Louis  with the assistance of the “counselor to priests”, Clergyman Bob Park, himself a sexual deviant. After his treatment, bishop Schmitt allowed Wash to pursue a degree in counseling from WVU with the support of the diocese. [Editor's comment: This makes total sense, right? The man is a sexual deviant, so get hima degree and make him a counselor! When did some dioceses become lunatic asylums?] He was then allowed to travel throughout the diocese to say masses, a practice that continues to this day.

Documentation of Wash’s arrest along with a letter of complaint were sent to the papal nuncio but to no avail…. [Editor's Note: Name of the author of this letter has been redacted for their protection.]
The documents were examined and returned to FORMER Bishop Bransfield and his Lavender crew. It all was covered up. Wash continues to say masses and preached at the funeral of his friend, Karl Wohinc on March 28, 2015 with FORMER Bishop Bransfield presiding. (The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated by Most Rev. Michael J. Bransfield at St. Ann Church March 28, 2015 at 10:30 a.m.)

Here's the homily from the funeral Mass. [Editor's Comment: Homosexuals are often charming, amusing, and fun to be with. How else could they be so successful at grooming young people for sex and convincing parents they are their son's best friend? They also, in their juvenile narcissism, love to make themselves the center of attention. Keep that in mind as you watch this performance beginning with the "saint" comment and all the comic elements. Is he the greatest showman?]

Wash is a very sick predator. 

Would you trust him to be alone with your son or brother or any male relative? 

Why has, and why does, the diocese, including its bishops, continue to cover for him?  

Can you trust the hierarchy to protect you? 

If they tell you they do protect you, what proof do they offer???  Stay tuned....


Hadassah said...

Pat Walsh is a deviant whose lusts to solicit men for oral sex (for his gratification) make him a danger indeed to be around the young adults and children. Shame, Shame on all those complicit with his cover up !

Hadassah said...

As for the counselor to the priests, God's divine justice will come. The voices of many victims cry out to the Lord and the Rev. Robert G Park ( Bob) will answer for it. He has made a mockery out of the office of Delegate for Clergy and the Director of Behavioral Couseling and Ministry. He is directly responsible for sending the mildly mentally handicapped boy to a Pastor "for counseling,"which would result in him being fed alcohol and raped. But what do we expect from someone who worshipped Colombo Bandiera and received porn delivered to the chancery from Pittsburgh weekly. His office also works hand in hand with The Episcopal Vicar for Clergy .

Heartbroken said...

If we can't go to Bishops and higher ups is there a way we can go to legal actions to remove these horrific people???