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Monday, October 1, 2018

To Tell The Truth

When I was growing up my parents and I enjoyed watching the television show, To Tell the Truth.  There was a panel of celebrities whose task it was to determine the one person out of three contestants who was actually telling the truth about the details of their life, which was described at the beginning by an mc in colorful detail.  It often included some feat of heroism, or extraordinary skill, or unique accomplishment. 

The thing that made this show fun to watch was not always that you cared one way or another about the contestant’s life, but you had the opportunity to play along with the panel as they asked a round or two of questions to help them determine who was the actual person described and who were the two liars.  They called them “imposters” but they were basically paid to lie, to pretend, to act the part for the sake of this “game.” 

If you don’t know where I’m going with this, then you have been under a rock this past week as Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been made out by the Democrats and the liberal press to be the biggest liar of all time and Christine Blasey has been affectionately put on a pedestal for her willingness to “come forward and tell her story of assault.”

As I watched them both Blasey and Kavanaugh in their separate testimonies, I tried then to figure out which of these two was telling the truth.  Obviously, one of them is not.  So which one is it?  It isn’t enough to say which one I WANT to be the truth teller because that would be obvious.  I want the Catholic to be telling the truth because I believe his presence in the future on the US Supreme Court would be a good thing and for a lot of reasons. 

What I ask myself is which one has the greatest motive to tell the truth and which one has the greatest motive to lie.  Brett Kavanaugh has been under a magnifying glass for years as he has undergone one background check after another.  He fearlessly approached this nomination with enthusiasm, seeming to have absolutely nothing to fear and nothing to hide.  So if there had been something in his background, we probably would have known about it by now, and even if it had not been found, it is likely some sleuth would have found it and produced real indisputable evidence against him before this last week.

Christine Blasey on the other hand has been a liberal activist, a protester, a pussy hat wearing Trump hater, and has much to hide, or so it would seem by the fact her public records were swept from the internet, including her school yearbooks and her Face book page only a week or two ago in anticipation of national scrutiny before her Senate hearing testimony. 

Brett Kavanaugh gave an opening statement filled with honest gut felt righteous indignation.  He acted as any real man would under the same circumstances whose life was on the brink of being ruined and his whole future destroyed.  Christine Blasey’s testimony was given by what appeared to be a fragile childlike figure speaking in a croaky voice, from behind large dirty glasses in a teenage cadence that goes up at the end of every phrase.  All of this betrays the description of a woman age 51, who grew up in an affluent home, and who holds three or four degrees and has a long work history in her field to her credit.  One wonders if she speaks in this little girl voice at corporate meetings.  If she has her hair falling over her face.  If she looks over these giant spectacles as she did at the hearing again and again while she tucks in her chin and timidly gives an answer. 

Nothing we know about Blasey before this hearing would give you the opinion she was a shrinking violet afraid of her own shadow.  She’s a liberal trail blazer, pussy hat and all.  But suddenly, she appears on television and we are to believe she’s a poor pitiful victim, a frightened, paranoid, nervous, claustrophobic, wreck that needs not one but two lawyers and a security detail to get her through this harrowing experience?

I’d say one of these witnesses did exactly what you’d expect.  They defended their integrity and their honor with no hesitation, throwing caution to the wind.  The other behaved exactly as they felt would be necessary to get the public’s sympathy and told a story that could have come off the pages of any number of trashy romance novels.  In my opinion, Kavanaugh presented himself as a person telling the truth.  Blasey, on the other hand, came across as a person who believes the end justifies the means. 

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Yup, she’s a true Aliskyite working for Alinsky’s hero — Lucifer.