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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Out of Africa: The Youngest Dioceses in the World at the Synod!

Cardinal Napier criticized the "Eurocentric"
nature of youth synod documents, a particular
oversight since the youngest Church in the
 world is on the continent of Africa --
vibrant and growing! "Go Catholic Africa!"
I haven't written much about the youth synod up to now -- well -- except about the pope accepting the stang from the girl wearing the red string bracelet at the opening Mass.

Why is that, I wonder?

It certainly isn't because I'm not interested. But
I've pretty much avoided the news reports up to now and closed my eyes to all the journalists and bloggers and Facebook comments reporting on the synod.

Perhaps it's just too depressing.

After all, the youth are the future of the world...and the Church. And my heart drops into my shoes when I consider how the culture and evil men in roman collars gobble up the bodies and souls of our children. They pay lip service to the abortion holocaust as the bruised and battered bodies of Christ's little ones pile up to heavens screaming for justice. The angst and mourning of these men is reserved for the abuse of the rain forest and those invading our country. Say another Mass at the border; name another sanctuary city. Ignore the babies "buried" in America's landfills.

It's insane!

And the insanity keeps growing and spreading like a giant massive weed sending out underground shoots in all directions.

The attack on the family came first... with the Extraordinary and Ordinary synods on the family. And now the lambs of the family are in the crosshairs. The manipulation of the previous synods sent an explosive warning shot across the bow. The Vatican is filled with corrupt men eager to change the Church and drag her into line with the secular, sex-obsessed world, no matter what they must do. And they don't mind using and abusing our children in the process.

As I read about the synod today I saw clearly what we can expect as its outcome -- more radicalism, more assaults on the faithful.  Consider Pope Francis pontificating (AGAIN) about "rigid Christians" who "lack the spirit of God."

Who are those "rigid Christians," Holy Father, who are such a grievous problem?

I'll tell you. They are people who walk in the footsteps of their "rigid" Master who condemned the "hardness of hearts" of those who demanded Moses change the law  against divorce to accommodate their sins.

It is not we who are rigid in our fidelity to Christ. It is modernist progressives and liberals who are rigid in their demand for change, political correctness, and an "I'm okay, you're okay" Church that stands for nothing but happy clapping feelings.

So what has the Youth Synod given us?

A woman delegate from Chile, Silvia Morales, addressed the synod on Monday. She spoke about what she heard from (mostly) non-Catholic youth:
“They wanted the church to be more open [...] a multicultural church that’s open to all, that should not be judgmental, a community that makes everybody feel at home, reflecting the message of Jesus Christ,” ...“The church should not discriminate against minorities or people with different sexual orientations or who are poorer, no.” They also wanted a church more “welcoming” to “fragile” people, as well as a more representative role for women.... [Jesus definitely did NOT make "everybody feel at home" with his message. He made it clear that Gehenna was a real place and people choose to go there! Editor]

In another passage speaking for herself, Morales defined homosexuals as people who “have the same rights we have,” who “live their faith within the church,” and who should “feel as children of God, not as problems.” She chided the church for “discrimination” in the form of people who “don’t open arms wide to welcome and accept homosexuals,” though her translated comments do not elaborate on literal examples of this “discrimination.”

“The church, whose first mandate is love, must fully recognize these brothers and sisters as people who need to be accompanied by us,” she declared. “The church has to be more inclusive. And we must help our brothers and sisters who have a different sexual orientation but who want to be part of the church.” [This is politically correct gay speech. and inclusion of the LGBTQ acronym in a Church document for the first time EVER shows exactly what this synod was all about -- not to mention the involvement of Fr. James Martin, cheerleader for homosexual activism. Editor]
And she is typical of the voices a the Synod. It's ever more clear that the purpose of this event is to change Church teaching, if only in perception, leading to acceptance of sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. The mantra is that those who engage in same sex sodomy are simply "differently oriented" and whether they act on their disordered desires or not, even if they are out and proud, are still pillars of the Church.

It's important to recognize that the corruption is no accident. Since the first Synod on the Family in 2014, the gay lobby group, Equal Future, has inserted itself deeply in all aspects of synodal events. Sympathetic members of the hierarchy aid and abet their activities. According to LifeSiteNews:
Equal Future unites radical US-based LGBT activist groups such as Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD with dissident Catholic groups such as New Ways Ministries and Dignity. But arguably the greatest threat comes from a handful of influential Church officials who appear to be actively encouraging the normalization of homosexuality in the Church — or at the very least not teaching the fullness of the Church’s doctrine on the issue. 
Bishop Marcello Semeraro is one of them, a man who approves of same-sex unions and wants to normalize homosexuality.

Are we seeing the dragon of Revelation
rearing his head at the Youth Synod?
The tocsin is sounding at the Youth Synod for faithful Catholics and has been from its very beginning. It calls a warning that the dragon is on the move. Prepare to fight. Catholics must resist evil and refuse to be cowed into silence! Crisis Magazine's Julia Meloni writes:
Shortly after the youth synod began, Edward Pentin—the authoritative chronicler of the family synod’s riggingreported that an Italian cardinal close to Pope Francis had prophesied a great “surprise,” convinced that the pope would “for sure invent something.” Pentin said some sources had indicated that the final document’s main substance was in fact already written—hence the synod’s deep secrecy, missing mid-term report, and nebulous voting procedures. 
As the synod progressed, increasingly ominous voices spoke confidently, buoyantly about being “open” to a new definition of family. One synod father announced at a press conference: “As old folks we should not be afraid to embark on this new path that the pope is pointing out to us. It is a path that is leading us to new kinds of families, new family relations, in a way, and we should not be afraid to open up to this.” 
Meanwhile, bishops alarmed by potentially rigged voting rules planned a public group protest; then synod leaders said old procedures would remain in force. Archbishop Forte—a member of the final document’s stacked writing committee—said on October 11 that it was “impossible” for the text’s draft to already be written; then Crux reported that Cardinal Baldisseri’s office had actually presented its own “preliminary draft” to those writers....
The synod group led by Cardinal Cupich has called the Church to recognize “other forms of family”—to “accept and even honor” every “family unit.” The group led by Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga has pushed for “pastoral care” on “realities such as marriage between homosexuals, surrogate pregnancy, and adoption by same-sex couples.”
The manipulators of the Synod, while working for a gay Church, ignore Church documents that uphold the sanctity of marriage and sexual virtue. Modesty and chastity are ignored in the synod reports. Humanae Vitae and other documents upholding the traditional teaching on marriage get nary a hat tip. The worst of Amoris Laetitia is the rallying cry.

Last August, Joseph Sciambra in an article titled Tobin, Martin, New Ways: Connecting the Dots in the Catholic Deep Gay State exposed the many out and proud gay groups and individuals playing formative roles in the Synod. He uses their own words to "out" them and their nefarious actions. And the Synod truly does deserve to be described as a conference infiltrated and directed by the "Catholic deep gay state."

Friends, it is diabolical! Sr. Lucy warned in a letter to Pope Paul VI (described last year in an interview with Fatima scholar, Kevin Symonds), that a “diabolical revolt” was causing “worldwide disorientation” that is "martyring the Church." We are certainly seeing that in the Youth Synod and the Family Synods that preceded it.

The one bright spot at the Youth Synod, appears to be the African bishops who head the youngest dioceses in the world. Edward Pentin reported:
In his latest dispatch from the synod hall Oct. 17, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP of Sydney, Australia, says the Africans are making “quite a splash” at this Synod.

“Cardinal Napier [archbishop of Durban, South Africa] spoke directly and with passion about how international governments, agencies and aid organisations continue to colonise Africa, by imposing conditions on aid and by cultural interference regarding sexuality, marriage, contraception, abortion right up to birth, and so on. We must teach the young with greater clarity than ever, rather than collaborating by our inaction in a culture that encourages multiple abortions and more in young people’s lives. With St Paul VI interceding for us, we can form young people as apostles for life and love.
The Africans are making quite a splash at this Synod: they come from the fastest growing part of the Church; the average age of their believers is in the 20s; and their leaders are solid in the faith and optimistic. A black pope would make a striking figure! Go Catholic Africa!"
Catholic faithful should not be discouraged or lose heart over all the antics of evil we are seeing. The thrashing of the dragon's tail, the bellows and roars and fire coming from his belly are his death throes. The 100 years that Pope Leo XIII heard the Lord allow to the beast are coming to an end. What happens when you wound a beast? He tries to frighten you off. That's what we are seeing in both the secular and Catholic worlds. Rather than run and hide in fear, it's time for us to raise the banner of Christ and serve under the orders of our 12-star General, the Blessed Mother, "dressed in battle array." Take up your rosaries, frequent the sacraments, and speak the truth boldly and with charity. Assault the gates of hell with the battering ram of truth. They cannot withstand the Body of Christ and all its power.

May Jesus Christ be praised!


Chriss Rainey said...

I am currently reading The Lion of Munster which is about Bishop Galen's war against Nazi take over of the Catholic church in Germany. There are many parallels to what I see happening in this synod. Very scary. I recommend the book.

As one of the sheep in this battle, I must say, I long to hear my shepherd's voice and sadly all I hear is driving me away. How can I possibly follow what I hear out of Rome anymore.

This is no longer Catholic. This is the Emerging church I wrote about last week.

Catechist Kev said...

"It is not we who are rigid in our fidelity to Christ. It is modernist progressives and liberals who are rigid in their demand for change, political correctness, and an "I'm okay, you're okay" Church that stands for nothing but happy clapping feelings."

Absolutely right on target, Mary Ann!

I have tried, oh so very hard, to keep my head down and say very little and just work out my salvation with fear and trembling through all of this. I figure folks like you, Mary Ann, say it way better than me! :^) I would just be too belligerent.

Good grief, it is as if it is 1967-1990 all over again.