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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Protecting Predators Arms the State for Attacks on the Church

Stonewall raids at gay clubs
in NYC. (Wikimedia) Today
the raids are in diocesan
chanceries! Ironic, eh?
Nabi Sayeth: Because of the horrible mismanagement by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church with regard to the cover up of the sexual abuse of our young people, the very freedom which the Church has enjoyed under the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution is being threatened.

From the Detroit Free Press 10/4/2018:
Law enforcement officials with the Michigan Attorney General's Office executed search warrants Wednesday for clergy files at all seven Catholic dioceses in Michigan as part of its investigation into sexual abuse of children by priests.

At about 9 a.m., law enforcement officials arrived at the Chancery office of the Archdiocese of Detroit on State Street, which is the largest of the seven dioceses, according to the Archdiocese of Detroit.

In Detroit, law enforcement also executed search warrants at the Cardinal Mooney Building, which is on the campus of Sacred Heart Major Seminary, and the St. Joan of Arc Parish office of Msgr. Michael Bugarin, the Archbishop’s Delegate for Clergy Misconduct.
State law enforcement officials also executed search warrants at Catholic dioceses in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Gaylord, Kalamazoo, Marquette and Saginaw, said Archdiocese officials.
My Friends, Catholics should be furious about what the government has done in Pennsylvania and Michigan and what it is about to do in many other states including New York and New Jersey!

However, what is the government to do giving the fact that it has a duty to protect its citizens, especially the children? The cover ups, the secrecy, the protection of predator clergy, priests and bishops alike, have caused suspicion and anger towards the Church hierarchy. Because the hierarchy has abrogated its responsibility to protect its most vulnerable members through its malfeasance, has it not become necessary for the government to intervene?

And what about the Catholic Church in West Virginia? When will the State attorney general begin an investigation?

The neighboring diocese of Steubenville has announced that it will release the names of its credibly accused clergy by the end of October. Why has the diocese in West Virginia not released the names of the clergy credibly accused? Please remember, as Nabi has revealed some time ago, bishop Schulte ordered the burning of the contents of all clergy personnel files in the fall of 1986. Therefore, will not any list of names if they were to be released be woefully incomplete?

Should the people of the diocese not also be made aware of the amount of money paid out in financial settlements including non-disclosure agreements?

Is it not time for a Rivelazione?


Biagio said...

Just curious we have LORI who is overseeing our diocese, how trustworthy is he? We are told to pray for REPARATIONS, and a new bishop and the victims, but why are we not praying for a complete change in the corrupted governance of our church. Never again will I defer to any dictum by a corrupt pope bishop or priest. It is our religion not a group of perverted power brokers.
Just curious why are we praying for REPARATIONS? The corrupt clergy should be doing penance not the sheep.

roseofsharon said...

William, I can well understand your anger and frustration; however, we are all members of the Mystical Body of Christ and are obligated to make reparation - not only for our own sins but for the sins of others. First and foremost these sexual sins are an abomination to the Eternal Father Who sent His Son JESUS to redeem us. The victims are GOD's children and they have been violated by those ordained to lead them to JESUS. What I find particularly shattering is that these priests celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass while living "a double life."
JESUS' Agony in the Garden takes on greater meaning after reading the reports of such demonic evil.
One final.point: priests are men, not Angels. How many Catholics pray(ed) for priests? No priest goes to Heaven alone. He brings many souls with him. No priest goes to Hell alone. He, too, has a large following, dammed forever.

Patricia said...

Excuse me, since when does the "state" care about protecting children? Abortion on demand, Graphic sex ed in schools, now including gender identity confusion, clinics with contraception and abortion referrals without parental knowledge of consent, free reign for NAMBLA, predators on young boys and other evils are all ways in which the state abuses children. If you are a sexual abuser in government, Hollywood, public education and various secular field, well you get a pass. But not the Catholic Church because her enemies now smell blood like a herd of wild beasts. The only way the Church can be purified of the evil of homosexual networks and the scourge of Modernism, and emerge as the Pure Bride of Christ, is from within by her own hands. Well, the Blessed Virgin Most Holy Mother of God and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart will accomplish this.The government does not care about the survival of the Catholic Church.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Let's face it. Bishops who have been on the bench as long as Lori are suspect. My only experience with him (other than rumors) is that he sat in the bishop's chair as a D.C. auxiliary at William (Roe v. Wade ghost writer) Brennan's funeral. Brennan was too proud to be buried at his home parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in Arlington. He wanted a big-deal sendoff from St. Matthew's Cathedral and got it. I was at the funeral, got a seat waaaaaay in the back away from Bill and Hillary and the other big shots up front who were having a delightful gabfest before Mass began. I think I was one of the few people in the church actually praying for the man.

Lori did not concelebrate, he simply sat in the bishop's chair, but the entire thing was an appalling exercise in glorifying a man who was covered in the blood of butchered babies up to his neck. I can never think of Lori as anything other than an enabler. But let's face it, most of them are!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You're right, Patricia, but the bishops have given the state more ammo to attack us. I think that was the point. And God has used some strange instruments to begin cleaning out the pigsty. The Boston Globe is no friend of the Church, but they did us a favor by blowing the lid off the rot. It makes me think of the many episodes in the Old Testament where God uses pagan nations to punish Israel and get the Chosen People to repent.

Repentance and a firm purpose of amendment is key. How many of the corrupt bishops do you think are ready to repent? Wuerl, Cupich, Tobin, Farrell, McElroy? I don't see much going on in their camps

Aaron Aukema said...

Because Our Lord's Sacred Heart, already so wounded by OUR sins, is even further wounded by the blasphemies of sodomite clerics. We owe it to Our Lord, for His great mercies that we don't ever deserve, to do reparations.

Patricia said...

Yes, Mary Ann, I agree. The sad situation now exists for the RICO Act to be brought against the Catholic Church. One radio commentator said that the Catholic Church has done more harm than organized crime. This is the atmosphere in Pennsylvania and it is being played over and over again on radio news reports. No action will be taken by Rome because they are complicit and part of the problem. Archbishop Vigano is the lone voice crying in the wilderness now. God save the Church.

Kathleen1031 said...

Well, there's some fine commentary here. Thank you all for it. It's edifying.
The day existed, and me as a middle-aged woman, when I would have stood in front of a Catholic Church and resisted anyone who tried to go in from the state and investigate.
Now I pray for it.
Our beloved Church is mostly gone. Only a faithful remnant remains, and Pope Benedict's warning about a "smaller church" is now very relevant. The pope, his accomplices, are apostates, they have not the faith, not in any way whatsoever. They believe in their agenda, their comforts, travel, fine food, wines, and gay orgies. They believe in their own rent boys or boyfriends. If they're desperate that night they have each other. While they live a sweet gay life on our dime, and bugger little altar boys or teens whose parents trusted when they left them alone with the priest, they busied themselves with picking apart the Catholic faith piece by piece.
They've been wildly successful, they have their man, and he delivers, every day he delivers. He's an apostate, a God hater, a Catholic hater, a Catholicism hater, a hater of the West, a hater of anyone who resists him. He has refused to kneel before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and for that alone from the first he should have been yanked out of St. Peter's and sent sprawling into the street. He kneels well enough for the feet of Islam, when he rubbed our nose in his practices on Holy Thursdays, but for the Lord, no, he will not kneel, and he will not serve.
I don't know what the answer is, but when the feds come to pore over every bit of correspondence and records, and they determine what a big gay bath-house we have been supporting, I and probably many others will feel a terrible sense of satisfaction, because after all the little boys who have been sodomized, all the poor boys whose lives have been ruined, some of whom have committed suicide or who went into a lifetime of homosexual depravity because of these men, we want to see justice. All the earnest seminarians who either got bounced out because they refuse to succumb to sexual molesting or the weak young men who did, and later became part of the lost priests who have helped wreck the church and more lives.
God will help us. No one knows how or when, but He will. We only need to stay faithful and trust He will.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Amen, amen, Kathleen. You've said it well! Thank you.