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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Are Seminaries the Hierarchy's Playground?

Fr. Joseph Gatto, active homosexual
rector of Christ the King Seminary
Nabi has shared with you on several occasions the corruption that exists in Catholic seminaries. Some of them have homosexual populations in the ninety percentile, much higher than society in general. And to think, it is from these Sodom and Gomorrahs that our future priests come!

There are currently Diocesan investigations taking place at several seminaries. But the one that is getting the attention of the media at this time is the seminary in the diocese of Buffalo, N.Y.

More here.  [Editor's note: This story clearly exposes the deep "gay" state in the Diocese of Buffalo. But, sad to say, it is in most dioceses in the U.S. and it could only thrive because of the infestation of corrupt bishops. Now we hear that Cardinal Joseph Tobin and Bishop Robert McElroy, both champions of the "gay" culture in the Church, are being considered to replace Wuerl in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. This must be fiercely resisted! You can sign the petition to the nuncio against Tobin here. And PLEASE, PASS IT ON!] 

Nabi asketh: What is it going to take to clean up the mess that exists in our seminaries? The answer is not as complicated as the hierarchy would lead us to believe:
  • Instead of focusing on numbers, focus on quality. Prospective candidates should be DISCERNED with the help and oversight of the laity, the “people in the pews.” People who will one day be served by prospective candidates should be heavily involved in their discernment.
  • The laity should be heavily involved with the monitoring of seminarians. They should guide them and pray with them at every stage.
  • Men who are under discernment must demonstrate a non-materialistic lifestyle. They must be, first and foremost, concerned about their relationship with Jesus rather than their “looks”, clothes, possessions.
  • Climbers and those who seek advanced degrees for appearance sake must be rooted out. Political ambition has no place in Jesus’ priesthood. 
  • Exclusive relationships must be critiqued. In other words, if two seminarians are overly bonded, caution flags must go up. 
  • Seminary professors must be hired based on holiness rather than academic credentials. 
  • Seminaries must devote much more time to teaching prayer, the Sacraments, sin, evil and HUMILITY. 
  • The laity must have a fundamental role in discerning which men are worthy and fit to be ordained, not just seminary faculty members and bishops. 
The things that pollute our seminaries are: Politics, power, materialism, lusts, pride. If the Church is to right the wrongs She must look back….back in history to the lives of the holy men who through their sacrificial love and humility brought many souls to Christ….stay tuned...


rohrbachs said...

It's not as simple as you state to fix. The Marxists are very good at inserting themselves amongst the "laity" in order to subvert the Church.

Heartbroken said...

Discerning the seminarians is a great start but what if they are covering up themselves and pretending they are sincere.