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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Is Francis' Stang a Laudato Si/Sr Dorothy Stang Stang?

Could Pope Francis' stang - for a stang it clearly is - symbolize the "our Sister, Mother Earth" of Laudato Si, and Sr Dorothy Stang all rolled into one, carved as one entity symbolizing everything together - the crucifixion of the rain forest, the killing and therefore according to Pope Francis, the martyrdom of Sr Dorothy Stang and the care of our common home, Mother Earth, as mandated in Laudato Si?

At some time in the near future will we hear how someone had the idea of some sort of symbol for the pope to carry at the 2018 Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment? 

And will the end result of that creative license be the stang Pope Francis carried at the opening Mass symbolizing Sr Dorothy Stang, the crucifixion of the rain forests, Laudato Si, and Francis himself as the new St Francis of Assissi "embracing our Sister, Mother Earth? 

Pope's Stang = Sr Dorothy Stang, the Martyr of the Amazon 
Wood carved to look like bamboo = the rain forest
Christ crucified = Laudato Si's crucifixion of the rain forests and Mother Earth
The seed = the hope of making Catholic youth into social justice warriors

A person commenting on Fr Z's blog about what the big stick was that Francis was wielding hit the nail on the head - Bibi1003 said: "It's precious wood pierced by a nail, obviously symbolizing the crucifixion of the rain forests." 


  1. And will the Vatican Gift Shop now sell stangs in their Harry Potter wizard section where parents can purchase mini stangs for their tots? Will bishops all over the world be able to get a stang for themselves? Will the Vatican now sell stang earrings? Stang Tshirts?

    Just think of all the converts - witches and wiccans and members of the occult will convert to Catholicism in droves and we'll all be one! The left and right, witches and traditionalists, outdated old hippies and normal families. Won't it all be so wonderful! And Pope Francis - the new St Francis of Assisi - will have accomplished this for us, for the world, and for Lucifer.

  2. And even Lucifer will have been reconciled with God so he too will be a part of the Mystical Body of Christ because after all, aren't we all sinners? And what greater miracle can Francis perform than to have the biggest sinner of all - Satan - be with us, part of us forever with Christ and Judas in Heaven. Francis believes there is no hell (he says souls get annihilated) so we'll all be with God...and Satan.

  3. Meanwhile, we will have Heaven right here on earth! Just like the Marxist Francis longs for!

  4. Susan, a very good point.

    When responsible Catholics remain serenely silent in the face of this, they essentially accept and agree with these actions. Then, they also start applying "Pharisee" to any who question the goodness of this new "spirit-led pathway" we are on, demanding Catholic unity with our Pope.

    So, it is not just the Pope with another weird thing in his hand. It is Catholics, all over the world, following the faith, actions, beliefs, as it is presented to them by the Pope *and ALL Bishops in Union WITH him*: LGBTQ ideology, Communion to manifest sinners, and now Wicca witchcraft sacramentals. Silence, as it is all slowly, surely enshrined in Catholic doctrinal praxis.

    And so, as you say, it means the Wicca Stang in Catholic gift shops all over the world, side by side with the Crucifix; Catholics now taking up this wicked Wicca earth religion witchcraft symbol along with their "Pope".

    Complicit in their silence, they are. Every Bishop, Cardinal, Priest, Layman who remains silent; "serene".

  5. Please....let’s all calm down and take a deep breath. A “Stang” is not a “Stang” any longer once it is in the hands of a Supreme Pontiff reigning on the Throne of Saint Peter. The Power of his exalted and holy Office, as Christ's own and only Vicar on earth, sanctifies it, and it becomes just a wooden staff, or if he so chooses, a differently shaped Papal ferula, set to a new purpose with his utilization. Whatever it may have been, or was originally designed and intended to be or to do, once it came into the possession of the Holy Father, wittingly or unwittingly, for good or for ill, its very nature changed, and all attendant evil was banished.

    We must never forget, to the Successor of Saint Peter is given by Our Savior the Power to Bind and to Loose, with supreme authority to cast out devils and overthrow their evil devices. The dark efforts of witches and warlocks have no hold on Peter. No occult or wizardly work, nor any form of satanic power from the abyss can contaminate or overcome the Power of the Holy Sacraments under his auspices, nor the inherent Power of the Holy Father in the exercise of his Office. It will take more than a funny shaped stick with a nail poking through it to capsize the Barque of Peter.

    Our Blessed Lord did not lie, the gates of hell cannot ever hope to prevail against His Church. The Holy Father has the merciful Protection of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, Holy Mother of the Church, Bane of all Heresies and Crusher of all Demons. She keeps him and the Bride of her Son safe in her loving, nurturing care.

    1. So would you say he can then utilize a swat swastika too?

  6. So you're saying that we should all just sit around and bask in the glory of Pope Francis' stang and do nothing, say nothing, believe everything.

    The most telling statement in your comment is that the stang (Why do you put that word in caps?) is "differently shaped" just like Fr James Martin says that homosexuality is "differently ordered." A stang remains an instrument of a wizard/witch just as homosexuality remains a sin. Is Pope Francis the Catholic Pope or the Wizard of the World? It's hard to tell these days.

  7. Larry, all indications are this man cooperates with Satan, he does not co-opt Satan's symbology and transform it into Christian symbology. We cannot ignore his promotion and protection over Satanic actions, he promotes sodomites and protects child abusers, indeed, makes them his confidantes and king-makers. This is his long pattern in Buenos Aires as well. He refuses to bend his knee to Jesus, which is appalling for a pope. Yet he bends quickly enough to wash the feet of Muslims.
    That stang, is a stang. It is a symbol of the occult. We see everything explained away, oh he didn't know, oh, it was handed to him, but the time for cover should be over. He is carrying a wiccan wand, and it is what it looks like. It has the required iron, and that does not look like Christ, but even if it were, Christ is subsumed into the wood, not gloriously crucified on it.
    This man is evil.

  8. Larry, read CCC 2115-2117. The Pope can no more divinize a Stang than he can make effective Holy Eucharist to manifest sinners.

    A Christian holds aloft to the fallen world his risen Lord on His Holy Cross. Always. Only.

  9. PART 1.
    No Susan, that’s not what I’m saying at all. As with all true Catholics who love their Faith, and especially those of Tradition, I mourn and grieve for the Church and its leadership, and for the sins and errors that often seem to overwhelm Peter’s Barque. However, my hope and expectations are not founded upon what I see and hear in this vale of tears, in spite of the many storms that assail us during this difficult time. My faith, (and I trust yours is too) is predicated upon the promises of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, who have protected the Church throughout history, against all enemies, both within and without, and will continue to do so.

    But I have great difficulty with the way some are attacking our Holy Father, and the utter disregard and appalling disrespect in which they hold the Papal office itself. Such attitudes and actions are not Catholic. It is not Catholic to hate and disparage our Holy Father. That is the way of Christ’s enemies and those who are of the heretical spirit of Protestants and freemasonry, diabolical forces from the abyss that seek to pull down the Pope as the pathway to the destruction of the Papacy, and in so doing, set in place the demolition and destruction of the Church. No, such things are not of Christ.

    While we may all disagree with much of what he says or does, or fails to say or do, as long as His Holiness, Pope Francis, remains the legitimate Bishop of Rome and the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, affirmed and acknowledged in obedience as such by the whole Church worldwide, he is the very embodiment of Christ on the face of this planet - Christ's own Vicar - who sits and rules with unimpeded authority on the imperishable Throne that Our Lord Himself established over His earthly Kingdom while He was personally present here on earth, declaring that its occupant was the very Rock upon which the Church itself is built, with Power to Bind and Loose both in heaven and on earth, judging all and being judged by none.

    Listen, here’s the thing for me. Popes are Popes. There have been, and will yet be, good ones and bad ones, angelically holy ones and dastardly evil ones. All kinds of men, from pious devotees to rakish thugs, from virtuous ascetics to sexual predators....saints, sinners, sodomites and saviors, have all had the Charism of the Pontifical office bestowed upon them, and they have all sat, and will continue to sit, on Saint Peter’s Throne. But let there be no doubt, they were, and are, ALL Popes, true Popes.... one and all, worthy, at the very least, of the respect for the office conferred upon them, and for the unspeakable burden and responsibility they bear as Christ’s sole Vicar on the face of this planet.

    Many Popes have committed errors during the millennia of the Church; some more grave than others. But it is not given to us to judge the Holy Father, or to denounce him and venomously revile him. That is NOT our place nor is it within our power. No human authority on earth or human agency can judge the Pope, it matters not his transgressions or sins. Unto him alone is judgment given to be rendered upon all men in this world, without appeal to any. There is no remedy from his edicts, no recourse from his final verdicts. He is the Lawgiver, the Supreme Legislator of the Church.

  10. PART 2.
    You can’t have it both can’t say you respect the office of Pope, but only revere the Holy Father when you like him personally, or when he acknowledges, favors and promotes certain of your pet beliefs, or appoints Bishops you deem as “holy,” or when he adorns himself in the glorious vestments and accoutrement of his office as defined and set forth in Tradition, or when he celebrates the liturgy that you prefer, or when he upholds, defends, and strictly enforces Church Doctrine to your satisfaction, using exclusively the methods to present the Gospel that you believe are necessary and effective. Only when he does these things, then – to you – is he a “real” Pope, and you afford him his due deference and extend to him the highest respect and regard for both his office and his acts.

    But when a another is elected by the College of Cardinals upon the prompting of the Holy Spirit, to guide and steer the Barque of Peter as Supreme Pastor of the universal Church, who is not to your liking, and who DOESN’T act, speak, think, dress, teach, preach, rule or reign in the manner you imagine or believe he should, or would like him to, you then are ready to foully and blasphemously castigate him, and scornfully disrespect and besmirch his office, his person and his Pontificate....even to the point of willingly risking open sedition and schism by casting doubt publically upon the very legitimacy of his election and the validity of his Papacy – as if our Lord would ever allow a man to be elected by a valid Conclave of Cardinals and then reign diabolically upon the Seat of the Fisherman over the entirety of His Church throughout the whole world, who is not then His actual and legitimate Vicar; or as if Christ no longer has enough power, or is too weak, to protect the accurate and genuine succession to the very office He Himself created to preside over the Church in His physical absence, and cannot ensure, always, that a REAL Pope takes, and remains on, the Throne He Himself established while personally present on earth. It is sin....arrogant, prideful, horrifically abhorrent SIN...and you can’t do it....


    Not if you are authentically makes one a hypocrite, a lying, contemptuous hypocrite.

    You cannot say you love and are loyal to Christ and His Church, and not love and be loyal to His Vicar. If you love and are loyal to Christ and His Church, you will love and be loyal to His Vicar. They are one and the same - inextricably and intrinsically linked. It is impossible to have one without the other. You can’t embrace Christ and reject the Pope. Just like you can’t truly have Our Lord and reject His Mother, Our Lady. To believe otherwise is Protestant heresy. And all who attempt such foolery make themselves stooges of Luther and allies of freemasonry.

    Let me make it clear, I do not condone, approve of, agree with or support anything that is in contravention of the Deposit of Faith handed down to us from the Apostles through Sacred Scripture and Tradition. But the Pope IS the Pope, and if I am to be obedient to the Faith and a genuine adherent of Tradition, I cannot forsake or desert the reigning Roman Pontiff. Any such thought to the contrary is poison from the cup of the cult of sedevacantism. And yes, I admit, some of the words and actions of this pontificate disturb me. But other Popes have done these same sorts of things, and worse, for uncounted generations; and future Popes will continue to do so, and in the same manner. Pope Francis is just doing what Popes throughout history have always done....rule the Church...his way.

  11. PART 3.
    It is not what I would wish, but he is not my Vicar, nor my Servant, he is Our Lord’s Vicar and Servant. It is his reign now, in his own time, regardless of how Traditionalists or Conservatives, including myself, may feel, or how frustrated or disappointed we may become. We cannot change it, nor him. We have, none of us, been given or empowered to do so, nor should we try. Nay, but it is he who has been given the mandate from heaven to guide, govern and shepherd the Church, and thus, he will lead it his way and at his own direction, as he perceives the Lord has commanded him. It’s what Popes do...all of them. And to attack the Holy Father personally, or to demean his office is not only foolish and ill-advised, it is a grave and grievous transgression against the One who raised him up and elevated him from among his brethren.

    All WE can do as the People of God (and especially those of us who embrace Tradition), is to abide under the shadow of Our Blessed Lord, ever sheltered within the safe and protective folds of Our Lady’s mantle, remaining in the State of Grace, living out our Faith, comforting and caring for others in Charity, embracing holiness, fasting, praying, making reparations, and offering up our suffering in this most difficult hour for the sins, errors and iniquities of us all, holding fast to the unchanging and unadulterated deposit of Faith handed down throughout the ages, and the Tradition for which Saints and Martyrs died. That’s what we’re called, as the Faithful, to do. Everything else in this vale of tears is beyond our pay-grade. Which means we have to shut our eyes and close our ears sometimes – the ol’ folk used to express it this way: sometimes in life you have to “see and don’t see” or “hear and don’t hear.” And above all, we must keep our vile mouths closed and our troublesome tongues free from speaking and spewing poisonous guile. If we do so, we can remain fully confident that our hope and expectation is established firmly in the Lord and in the loving and protective grace of Our Lady. That’s how the Church has been able to stand for 2000 years, unabated and undefeated; and that’s the only way we can survive victoriously in these perilous times as well, until there is divine intervention – and that too shall surely come.

    We must fully trust the “Unconditional Guarantee” of Christ concerning His Church, that hell itself shall never prevail against it, in spite of how things appear at any given moment or season; and entrust our Holy Father, and indeed, all Bishops and Priests, into the care of our Blessed Mother, Virgin Queen of Apostles, Bane of Heresies and Crusher of Demons. No work or weapon of hell can ever hope to prevail against the Church. As Catholics, do we really BELIEVE that? Do we really believe the Divine Promise uttered from the lips of our Savior? Have we anchored our Faith in the unalterable Declaration of Our Lord regarding His Bride, that hell stands NO CHANCE against Her, or have we forsaken His glorious Promise and are now clinging forlornly to what we SEE and HEAR in this tangible world? Do we still hold true the words of Our Lady at Fatima, who stated emphatically that “In The End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph” or do we now count the Mother of God as a liar and a fraud? If we TRULY believe what we say we believe, and if we are truly committed to our Faith, as we claim to be, then we will not give up on our Pope, but cling to the hope of a deep renewal and cleansing throughout the Church.

  12. PART 4. FINAL
    No, we must not abandon Christ’s Vicar, instead we must fulfill our most solemn and sacred duty to devoutly love and revere our Holy Father, to be spiritually close to him, and to pray earnestly, fervently and continually for him, keeping him always at the summit of our intentions - in spite of what we may perceive as his mistakes or errors. That’s all any Catholic of any era can do regarding the Pope of his or her time. The Church is not now, nor has it ever been or will be, a Democracy. It is a Monarchy, and He who rules it as King does so through the agency of the one Chosen to sit upon the Throne of Saint Peter.....

    And that person, for now, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR Pope Francis.

    PS: Sorry my comment is so long. I won’t be offended if you don’t post it.

  13. It's the Staff of Nightmares

  14. Larry,

    The Pope has "unimpeded authority" to (only) uphold the Sacred Deposit of Faith and the Words Of Christ in union with all the other Bishops in the world and every other Pope who has ever lived. He must be in Communion with Christ and live according to His will and all others in Union with Him.

    The Pope does not have "unimpeded authority" to do whatever he wants, and take the Church in non-Catholic, anti-Christ directions.

    He cannot (for instance) change our Belief, requiring we give Holy Eucharist, our God, to manifest sinners persisting in *grave sin*.

    He cannot divinize a Wicca Stang and make that evil talisman part of our Catholic Faith.

    And I see nowhere in Sacred Tradition or in the Words (the red ones) of Christ where there is authority to resign from the Papacy, from being Peter, to become an "emeritus" Peter; sharing the Throne Of Peter, being Peter, with multiple other Peters.

    The point of our Faith is not Peter. The point is Christ: first, middle and last; with Mary His Mother at the foot of the Cross, doing His will always. Glorifying God, as in the First Commandment. We have just never before seen a Pope who has not promoted this doctrine. God established the Papacy for one Peter at a time to act as His Vicar, promoting Christ, and only Christ (Trinitarian God) to a fallen world.

    Sodomy is evil.

    Holy Eucharist is reserved for those in a State Of Grace.

    Witchcraft, magic and Wicca talismans are evil. In the hands of the Pope, Stang raised high to the world, Christ subsumed almost entirely into the evil wood, that is one of the greatest evils I have ever seen.

    The First Commandment. Glorify God. That is the point of our Faith, our Catholic Church, the Office and person Of Peter.

  15. "Which means we have to shut our eyes and close our ears sometimes – the ol’ folk used to express it this way: sometimes in life you have to “see and don’t see” or “hear and don’t hear.” And above all, we must keep our vile mouths closed and our troublesome tongues free from speaking and spewing poisonous guile." Sorry Larry, I will not shut my eyes nor close my ears to Pope Francis' lack of response to Vigano's very important charges. They must answered by the Pope himself and not an underling. And my mouth is not vile nor my words poisonous in expressing this point of view. I mean no harm to him and pray for him daily. Your words are terribly misplaced however good your intentions.

  16. Larry Duncan,

    PART 1
    Per your statements in Part 1, I assume then you were a huge fan of both Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI. However the Papacy itself, founded by Christ, is different from the actual man who holds it - the Pope. The Papacy is divine but the human person holding it is not always a saint.

    When Francis, as Christ's own Vicar, utilizes an occult symbol as his papal ferula making him look like the grand wizard of the world, Catholics clearly have the right to suspect him of being a wolf in papal clothing.

    It IS given for us to JUDGE him - not his soul of course for that is God's sovereign territory, but we most definitely ARE allowed to judge his actions. He, as the Pope, is not "off limits" as you would have us believe.

    If your child were wearing an occult stang around his neck instead of a crucifix would you not question him? If that child held as friends sodomites, abortionists and adulterers, would you not counsel him as to the company he keeps?

    Let's reverse that - If your father was keeping company with an adulteress or a sodomite would you not approach him and question his actions? If your mother was wearing a witch's stang around her neck would you not question her as to why she liked a stang more than a crucifix?? They are supposed to be your parents, guiding you toward God, not acting in ways which make you question their intentions.

    I have never said that Francis is not the true pope. Questioning his actions, the friends he keeps, the sodomites he protects and surrounds himself with, the abortionist he admires, and the Muslims he apparently cares for more than members of his own flock being murdered by the hatred of Islam for Jews and Christians, only make it more apparent that the men (Cardinals) who elected him were listening more to Lucifer than the Holy Spirit.

  17. To Larry Duncan

    PART 2
    No one is besmirching the office of the Papacy except Pope Francis himself. As for "loving and being loyal to Christ's Vicar", when Francis starts to act like the Vicar of Christ and not stag-carrying Pope Groot of the Galaxy, I will give him my due loyalty

    In answer to your statement: "YOU JUST CAN'T DO THAT" (written in bold caps), YES, I CAN because what you said is not true.

    It isn't true because the Cardinals did NOT listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit when casting their votes for Jorge Bergolio. I'm certain of the fact that the Holy Spirit did His job in prompting the Cardinals, but since man has free will he can choose to listen to the Holy Spirit or not. The Cardinals did not listen. They overrode the Holy Spirit for the spirit of the world and elected THEIR CHOICE instead.

  18. PART 3
    It is only Francis himself demeaning the office of the Papacy. And again, it is NOT GOD who "raises up and elevates the pope from among his brethren". It is MAN who does this - the Cardinals, many of them sodomites who have never listened to the Holy Spirit in their lives.

    Of course Christ guarantees that the forces of hell shall never prevail against His Church but he never said that Lucifer would not try, even to the point of a pope carrying an occult stang...the better with which to use as a key to unleash hell's gates, never to prevail, but to confuse the sheep bleating and looking around for their shepherd. Shall the sheep mix with the unleashed demons or take safety in the Truth of Christ?

    But then as Pilate said but never stayed around to hear the answer - What is Truth? Is it what Francis says? He says he did not remember the footnote, but he did. It was part of his strategy. Can I believe a man who does that?

  19. PART 4. FINAL
    Of course we must pray for Francis. I pray for his conversion to the Truth of Christ. And just this week I have been praying for him to never, ever - EVER - appear in public again as the Pope, Christ's Vicar, with an occult symbol in his hands. What's next - a papal ferula with the Islamic star and crescent on top?

  20. Morning Star63 said....
    Susan I definitely agree with almost ALL you've written above. Prior to reading this I had NO idea what on earth a "stang" was. If I may, I would like to state that in your disagreement w/Larry D. above I believe you said that "homosexuality is a sin." If you had stated that the homosexual lifestyle is a sin, or sodomy is a sin, you'd be absolutely correct. Homosexuality as the Catholic Church teaches is an inclination to sin, but not sin itself. As far as Larry D. goes, most of his arguments are based on a subjective basis, rather than an objective one. Aqua stated that we should ONLY have ONE POPE at a time. Well, we DO only have one pope at a time. There was a papal conclave after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. His was not the first resignation, but only in recent times. And in summary, the MOST EVIL thing for me is abusing the power of high office in misleading people that they may STAY in their permanent state of MORTAL SIN, and receive Holy Communion in that state, and further commit a SACRILIGEOUS COMMUNION. A stang no matter how evil, is NOT the REAL PRESENCE. Christ Our Lord, as we are taught by the Holy Catholic Church, IS present in the Holy Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Amen. A soundly orthodox cradle Catholic who also prays for the Pope, as well as "healing for the Church through this present crisis of sexual abuse."

  21. "You cannot say you love and are loyal to Christ and His Church, and not love and be loyal to His Vicar." Larry, when a friend errs, you would not be loyal if you did not correct him. If a pope errs, you would neither love him nor be loyal to him if you did not do the same, even though few of us are in a position to administer fraternal correction to Francis. One does not respect the Office of Supreme Pontiff if one ignores or rationalizes away bad behavior, and unfortunately the spotlight on Francis has illumined just that very thing, both as Archbishop of Buenos Aires and now as Pope. If you don't know this you don't know him.

  22. Of course Lucifer will never be reconciled, but either Francis does not know that or does not WANT to know that. He has intimated that souls either go to Heaven or are annihilated, which is a heresy.

    My first comment should explain the second comment below it. Francis wants us all to be one, however not the way Christ meant when He said that. Christ wants sinners to convert to Him and be part of His Mystical Body. Francis wants to make it so that active sodomites, unrepentant murderers, adulterers, baby killers etc are all embraced in the loving arms of the Church while still continuing their journey of filth and hate, that is, remaining in mortal sin. It appears that Francis thinks there is no need for THEM change or convert to Christ and holiness but rather that it is CHRIST WHO NEEDS TO CHANGE and he (Francis) as pope is going to do that.

    So Francis beckons the occult world of satanists, witches and wiccans by carrying his mystical magical wand.