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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Dog Has Four Legs Even if You Call His Tail a Leg!

Carina Melchior described as "dead" in 2011 and
 prepped for organ donation is alive today and recovering.
Brain "death" is a lie to collect organs for a hungry industry. 
Let's get real!

Abraham Lincoln once asked how many legs a dog has if you call his tail a leg. Your answer?

Does pretending make a thing so? When I play horsie with my grandbabies am I really a horse? I have a sister who does a really good imitation of an elephant trumpeting. When she does that is she an elephant? Apparently in today's society some people would think so.

Rick Santorum stupidly said that if Bruce Jenner says he's a woman he's a woman. Huh? No, Rick, he's just a man who's mutilated his body and dressed up like a woman.
 If I say I'm a pickle or a cantaloupe or Napoleon, does that make it so? If someone came up to you and said, "I'm a guide dog and you need me," and started following you around barking what would you do? Call animal control?

Let's get real.

Saying something is so doesn't make it so. Many high rise buildings don't have a floor 13 button in the elevator. Does that mean there's no thirteenth floor? Is floor thirteen in the Twilight Zone?

It's time for our culture to stop playing pretend and face the facts. Babies in the womb are babies. They aren't blobs of protoplasm or clumps of cells. People who are brain injured, no matter how severely debilitated, are not brain "dead." They're alive. Neither are they "vegetables." We all know what a carrot looks like. Does it resemble your grandmother?

Words mean something. When they are being distorted, you can be sure there's malice afoot. With the brain "dead" it's all about making that designation come true so you can take a living patient's organs and give them to someone else who has a better "quality of life." But in order to convince the family to do it, you have to dehumanize the injured or sick living person by calling them "dead" when they aren't.

We've seen word manipulation to dehumanize people throughout history. Words like kike, spic, coon,  cracker, bitch, mackerel snapper, chink, gook, trailer trash, etc. The slur list is enormous! And it's all about one group using words to dehumanize a disfavored group. When the dehumanization involves one class of people deliberately killing another, it's genocide.

And so I'm going to call organ "harvesting" of the debilitated exactly what it is -- genocide against a particular class of people, the seriously injured and debilitated, described as dead when they are, in fact, alive. It's a lot easier to take a heart from a "dead" person than admit the person is alive and that taking his heart will kill him. And if you are using that heart to "save another's life," can stand on the moral high ground and pretend you aren't committing a murder because your intentions are so pure and holy -- like the ISIS terrorists who are doing Allah's will.

Get the facts and fight the "let's pretend" culture that uses words to justify murdering the weak. Please pass this on and fight the lies of the culture of death. We need to follow the Scripture's admonition to "Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no."


  1. Sit down for this Mary Ann - we are completely agreed!

    Organ harvesting and transplants are big money makers, and this is why it is done. The people who do this don't care about their "victims." For many major organs - such as the heart - the person must still be alive when the organ is taken. That is why the Church does not support heart transplants.

    We live in an evil world where people are nothing more than a means to make money. We are all just a commodity in this evil world, from the time we are conceived to the time we die.

  2. Thank you, Mary. I really do appreciate that. But unfortunately, the Catholic bioethicists are portraying the Church teaching as permitting and even encouraging organ donation.

    Here's a bit of what is on the website of the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia:

    "May I receive organs for transplant from those declared dead using neurological criteria?

    "Yes, a faithful Catholic may receive organs from a donor who is declared dead by neurological criteria. A faithful Catholic may also make provisions for the donation of his own organs in the event of his death whether it is determined by cardio-pulmonary or neurological criteria.

    "Why does the use of neurological criteria remain controversial?

    "As mentioned above, when a person suffers total loss of brain function, the heart may continue to beat with the assistance of mechanical ventilatory support. In such cases, this artificial support may cause the victim to appear alive visually and to the touch. Medical evidence, indicated by the four signs listed above, shows that this is not the case. In short, there is no reason for controversy. The use of neurological criteria makes certain that life has ceased.

    "Why does the Church accept this definition of death?

    "This is not a new definition of death but rather of the use of new signs to determine that death has occurred. The Christian understanding of death has always been that it is the separation of the soul from the body. The Catholic Church looks to the medical community to determine the biological signs that indicate with moral certainty that this event has already occurred. In recent years, medical research has indicated that the irreversible loss of brain function provides a firm indicator that death has already occurred." More at

    This group is distorting Church teaching by redefining the meaning of death and life. It's evil!

    Much of what you read in their FAQs on brain "death" and organ transplantation is simply untrue. The Church teaches you cannot kill one person to assist another, but these ethicists are changing word meanings so they can take organs from living patients. Vital organs are useless taken from dead patients. Now they are talking about "circulatory death" where they stop the heart for one minute or 75 seconds and then declare the person dead, start up the heart again, and start the organ harvesting. It is a multi-billion dollar industry.

    We will be posting videos from the meeting held this past weekend on end of life issues as soon as I can get them edited.

  3. Who are these Catholic bioethicists? That definitely does not sound Catholic. Here are some excerpts from an article from Catholic Culture:

    "Pope John Paul II in 1991, to a Group on Organ Transplants, stated: "Furthermore, a person can only donate that of which he can deprive himself without serious danger or harm to his own life or personal identity, and for a just and proportionate reason. It is obvious that vital organs can only be donated after death."8 Pope John Paul II to the Participants of the 1989 Pontifical Academy of Sciences stated: "The problem of the moment of death has serious implications at the practical level, and this aspect is also of great interest to the Church. In practice, there seems to arise a tragic dilemma. On the one hand there is the urgent need to find replacement organs for sick people who would otherwise die or at least would not recover. In other words, it is conceivable that in order to escape certain and imminent death a patient may need to receive an organ which could be provided by another patient, who may be lying next to him in hospital, but about whose death there still remains some doubt. Consequently, in the process there arises the danger of terminating a human life, of definitively disrupting the psychosomatic unity of a person. More precisely, there is a real possibility that the life whose continuation is made unsustainable by the removal of a vital organ may be that of a living person, whereas the respect due to human life absolutely prohibits the direct and positive sacrifice of that life, even though it may be for the benefit of another human being who might be felt to be entitled to preference."

    I know a Catholic woman who seems very devout who had a heart transplant. For obvious reasons I don't even try to talk to her about it, but it does disturb me. As the Catholic Culture article says:

    "Organs at normal body temperature vary as to how long they can withstand absence of circulation and respiration until damage is severe enough to make them unsuitable for transplantation. Without circulation, the heart and liver are damaged in about 3-5 minutes; kidneys, in about 30 minutes. For organs to be useful for transplantation, circulation and respiration are required until a short time before removal of the organs. Thus, it is a beating heart that is excised for transplantation."

    This is just downright evil.

  4. The scary thing about the PA group is that they are heavily funded by the K of C and they put on a meeting every year or two where they offer all-expenses-paid trips to all the bishops of the United States. So they are mis-forming the consciences of our bishops. Dr. Byrne and the doctors who think like he does are being freezed out of the conversation. One of the advisory members of the NCBC journal is a doctor who is an organ procurement specialist. During a conversation sponsored by the World Health Organziation he said this:

    Dr Francis Delmonico: "The essential is to have in every country a competent authority that oversees the practice of donation and transplantation, that monitors that activity, that then mandates to the hospitals that every imminent death should be referred to the organ donation agency for the consideration and opportunity of deceased donation."

    Note the "mandatory" and the "imminent death." They are calling living patients with severe brain damage "dead," so are they really dead, is death really imminent, or does it only become imminent because they kill the patient? The smoke of Satan is in the Church. And this group has tremendous influence. We are in a David vs. Goliath fight!

    BTW, the Catholic Culture article you cite was written by Dr. Paul Byrne who is pretty much personal non grata fro speaking the unpopular truth. He participated in our meeting and I will be posting his excellent presentation when the videos are edited later this week.