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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who Will Decide? The Inspiring Story of Forrest Stone.

Son in coma, mother shocked to find she had little say in his medical care

Parents, listen up. Think about it. Your children still live with you and are dependent on you financially, but they are over 18 and legal adults. If they are in an accident, who will make medical decisions for them? According to the article above one family faced that dilemma and had to go to court to get legal guardanship. Can you imagine what would happen if this mom hadn't become legal guardian for her son?
Would the state have decided he "wouldn't want to live" in vegetative state and have starved and dehydrated him to death? In many cases, young people are being written off after a few days in a coma. Forrest was in a coma for twelve days! Was he an organ donor on his driver's license? The parents were told he might never wake up. What happened during those twelve days?

Happily, Forrest is here today after multiple surgeries (and facing more) functioning and learning to speak again. Listen to him say, "I'm glad I'm here" in the video below. For more, go here

This case is a warning to parents with adult children who are either still dependent or independent, but single. They need to have a trusted adult to make medical decisions for them if they are unable to make them for themselves. And that certainly should NOT be a live-in lover or boyfriend/girlfriend.

The assistance Forrest receives from A Place to Be also shows the value of organizations working with the brain injured and others in innovative ways. Check out A Place to Be and look for Forrest in the video below. Everyone, no matter how injured or debilitated, is a beautiful gift from God. Let them live and thrive and say, "I'm glad I'm here!" by their words or even just a smile.

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