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Monday, November 16, 2015

#Save Aden! She Has a Right to Good Medical Care.

If you go to the hospital you expect to be treated, right? You don't expect doctors to be gods, but you do expect them to give you the best care possible consistent with your illness. So why is St. Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno, NV neglecting Aden Hailu and refusing basic, simple curative treatments that could help her recover? You can read about Aden's condition here. This young woman has been abandoned by the medical profession, but her family loves her enough to fight. God bless them and God help those who are engaged in the neglect that is likely to lead to her death. They will answer for it to God.

The treatments Aden needs aren't that complicated. A tracheostomy and feeding tube, the simple administration of thyroid hormone which can be given by pill under the tongue. What is the matter with doctors and nurses today that they can stand by cavalierly and deliberately with malice aforethough let patients decline when they can be helped? Pray for Aden and send St. Mary's an email or make a call to the hospital administration. Their contact page is here.

Here's the email I sent to the hospital and if I lived in Reno I'd be out front with a huge banner. Maybe it's time to picket the hospital administrator's neighborhood with flyers asking why they are neglecting this young woman.

My email:
Why are you refusing to provide simple medical treatment like a tracheostomy and thyroid hormone to Aden Hailu? She has a right to medical treatment that can help her heal. This kind of medical neglect is especially despicable at a Catholic hospital that should be committed to providing the best care to those who are particularly vulnerable.
I'm praying for the staff at St. Mary's and telling everyone I know to avoid using St. Mary's for their medical care.
Would you trust this hospital with your loved ones? I sure wouldn't!