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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Leaping to Judgment: The "Brain Dead" Label

Hospital Won’t Provide Care for “Brain Dead” 7-Year-Old, Second Hospital Refuses Transfer

Noelia Echavarria
Noelia Echavarria was declared "brain dead" after four days in the hospital and because of that designation, the second hospital won't taker her. Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo who was deliberately starved and dehydrated to death, had this to say about what's happening:
“We see this as a growing problem in our nation, where hospitals are not only quick to make these types of hopeless diagnoses, but are also denying the family their medical rights as advocates,” Schindler said. “Especially in the situations like Noelia Echavarria, where the parents have every right to look out for their daughter’s best interest before making any decision that could possibly jeopardize her future, impact her family, or others who someday may find themselves in similar situations.”
My comment? I hate to bring it up, but note that these young women are "people of color" (Noelia, Jahi, and Aden)  I can't help wondering how much that has to do with these cases. What kind of health insurance do the families have, for example?  Not that the death industry wouldn't be happy to kill off people of any color -- just sayin'.

Jahi McMath
Aden Hailu


  1. What does color have to do with it? My mother was white, plugged pulled, nothing the medical team could have done to help her. Just stop with the race issue!

  2. It would explain the rough treatment. Hospital staff are very unkind to anybody they perceive as poor or low class. The kind of care you get depends are how you or your family present themselves and what kind of insurance you have. That's wrong but I've spent enough time sitting in ERs to have seen it many times.

  3. Thanks, Dymphna, I always appreciate your opinion.