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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Are You Ready for His Coming?

Is any of us ever completely ready? I doubt it. We continually need to convert. I pray this Advent will be a time for me that results in my being more ready on Christmas Eve for Christ's coming than I was on this first Sunday of Advent. What will you do to be more ready? How will you sweep out the dust bunnies and cobwebs soiling your soul? I will be reflecting on that today. Lord give me the eyeglasses of truth that make me aware of my self-deception. Give me the broom of prayer and the dust rag of repentance that help me clean and sweep my house and make it ready to welcome you. And help me to meditate with song and reflection during the coming days and weeks. Maranatha! O come, Divine Messiah!


bill bannon said...

I threw out music cds ...many like Sade, Steely Dan, Stones....a ton of them. There is both truth and sin mixed in such music and I'm not saying all should throw out like albums if the sin side is nullified by their level of continence. I'm just saying I knew God in my case wanted me to end that period for this advent.

Unknown said...


After 2000 years a new Herod
tries to kill baby Jesus again
he doesn’t just sit there on his tod
he arrogantly comes out of his den

No more “Merry Christmas”
only “enjoy”, “Happy Holidays”
no more allowed to witness
no more allowed to praise

An old man, they call “Santa”
supersedes the Holiness of “The Child”
dressed in a fluffy red “manta”
he domineers and Jesus is reviled

No more public “Mangers” allowed
only most fancy “Holiday” trees
in front of which heads are bowed
asking the tree the world to appease

Oh, my Jesus, please don’t delay
Your coming “on the clouds”
so that all of us this Christmas day
may testify to the crowds.

Rita Biesemans, December 2 2013