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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanks to Voters who Reelected Bob Marshall and Dick Black

Bob Marshall
Dick Black
Thumbs up to state senator Dick Black with 53% of the vote last Tuesday and to state delegate Bob Marshall who took 56% of the vote. Congratulations, Virginia. These two men are among the most honorable I've ever known. Staunchly pro-life and pro-family, they do not ignore the issues that make living in Virginia a joy. Both men are working to defeat Gov. McAuliffe's efforts to turn northern Virginia into a cash cow with tolls on I 66 that wouldn't be used for road building or maintenance, but just increase the cost of the commute and gridlock on that already-crowded highway. The Virginia General Assembly remains in the hands of Republicans. Let's pray more of them uphold the principles of the Republican platform that respects life, family, and subsidiarity.