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Friday, November 6, 2015

Praying to St. Jude Can Bring a Smile to Your Face and a Chocolate Bunny to Your Easter Basket

One of my email friends (thanks, Mary) sent a message this morning and it brought a smile to my face. So I share it with you, dear readers, and hope you enjoy it as well.
So today while praying my rosary, I put my reading glasses on and glanced down at the center piece medal on my rosary.
It was a St Jude medal.
 I said ,"Look St Jude , we have been friends for a very long time . When I was seven the nuns raffled off a gift every week in first grade and little Loretta with the long braids who sat next to me, won three weeks in a row! I remembered I asked her how she did it because this time there was a giant Easter basket on the line that contained a two foot high chocolate rabbit and I wanted it! Loretta said her secret was that she prayed 7 Our Father's , 7 Hail Mary's and 7 Glory Be's, invoking St Jude and St Anthony, and so I followed her advice and I won! Of course my mother was not so elated when she saw me carrying it out to the car after school.
(Large quantities of chocolate has always resulted in evil outcomes for my intestines.)
Nonetheless , I gave you credit due St Jude ! 
By nine I was really praying very hard for a brother or sister. When my parents announced the blessed event they asked me what the baby's name should be. "Judith or Jude", was my instantaneous response. After all, St Jude and St Anthony, I had asked you guys again to help me out. So it was my sister was Christened, Judith Ann.
( will forget the fact that she still considers me her arch rival and hates me). 
Then when we built the little Byzantine Catholic Mission Church and Fr Austin Mohrbacker gave me the privilege of naming the Saint for the dedication.
St Jude , I extolled your name and virtues again! We named the Church St Jude's.........and people came who were in desperate need for your intercessory favors. Father even composed a Moleben in your honor and we had your holy card on hand for every visitor who came! 
( until our Bishop of not so happy memory closed the church and sold it)
So I told him this morning," Look St Jude we just do not know how we are going to make it on ssi and we could sure use the help with a winning lottery ticket." Then I finished saying the rosary for all the other intentions, especially Our Holy Mother's.
Tonight husband came down stairs and asked if I wanted the good or the bad news first. He seemed a bit shaken. "Spit it out!" ,I demanded. He showed me the lottery results on the computer screen. He always plays the same numbers. 
Yes, St Jude you heard me again! We won four hundred dollars.
(We were off winning the million by just one number ! ) 
I am beginning to think , my dear St Jude, that you are bit of a practical joker.
But please take note, I am spreading the word.....and the Word....and I continue to be grateful for your intercession and friendship!

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