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Monday, November 2, 2015

And You Thought Sarah Palin was Exaggerating about "Death Panels"

She wasn't. The "conversations" with sick patients are here. Their point? Ostensibly to determine the patient's "wishes." In reality, their goal is moving the patient toward rejecting life sustaining treatment in favor of non-treatment, pain control, and early death.

January 1, 2016—Obama to PAY Doctors to TELL Grandma to DIE

It's already happening. In fact, in states where physician assisted suicide is legal, patients are being encouraged to accept the "final solution" and take the pills. Oregon has gone underground with that policy since two cases made headlines several years ago about patients denied expensive life extending medication who were told instead the state would pay for their assisted suicide. Hey, one cheap killer dose and those useless eaters are out of the way. 

But don't think Oregon has given up on their strategy of cost containment. Statistics on assisted suicide show that 93% of those in hospice care (in-patient or home treatment) ask for the death drugs How many of those were "encouraged" by the "conversations" with their palliative care consultant? 

The baby boomers are reaching old age. The generation that welcomed "the pill" to avoid child-bearing and abortion to correct "mistakes" is now the target of the death peddlers. 

There is an ironic kind of justice in what's happening. Many of those who promoted the killing at the beginning of life will reap personal destruction at life's end. The innocent will be caught up with the guilty as always. May they pray for the conversion of those who helped bring this atrocity of killing about. Meahwhile, Church Militant, don't go down without a fight!

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