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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Three is enough," so Cecile Richards killed her fourth child!

baby killed at 12 wks - Cecilia's #4?
Cecile Richards Defends Aborting Her Baby: We Had Three Kids, That Was Enough
Now how can children one, two, and three feel like they were really loved and wanted. They were only allowed to be born because of their birth order. Had any one of them traded places with number four, they would have been toast, or perhaps ghoul-ash is a more appropriate description in view of recent Planned Parenthood videos!

Of course, having an abortion didn't make Richards less a mum of four, it just made her the mother of three living children and one poor little dead one.

Here's what Richards told Katie Couric another abortion cheerleader:
“It was a decision my husband and I made. It was a personal decision. And we have three children that we adore and that are the center of my life. And we decided that was as big as our family needed to be. That was really the story. It wasn’t anything more dramatic than that. But I can’t imagine a woman being in that circumstance — with an unintended pregnancy–and not being able to make her own decision about that pregnancy.”
It's a little hard to believe that Richards' children are the "center of my life." Would you believe that if you knew your mom deliberately killed your sibling and was perfectly happy about it? I can imagine the conversation:
Cecile to her children: I just adore you. You are the center of my life! But three of you were enough, so Dad and I decided to kill baby #4. There's only so much adoration to go around after all. 
Living child: But what if I had been number four instead of number one? Would you have killed me? 
Cecile (laughing uncomfortably): What a question! Want to go shopping? 
Living child: No, Mom, really. If you would kill my little brother or sister, why would you let me live? Just because of my birth order? 
Cecile: Really, dear. You're here and there's no need to speculate about what might have been. We had three and that was enough. Just think, you would have had to share more of my time with another person. 
Living child: Don't you ever wonder what my little brother or sister would have been like? 
Cecile: Really, dear. I just don't think about it. Some things are better forgotten. 
Pray for Cecile Richards. In fact, ask her baby to intercede for her conversion. One day she will meet her baby and what will she say to that child if she hasn't repented and asked forgiveness?  Pray for her husband as well. Men are supposed to act like men and defend the defenseless. Instead, he was an accomplice in killing. But the abortion helps explain why Richards is so pro-abortion and works untiringly (even lying) to convince other women to abort. Misery loves company. Getting others to do evil helps justify one's own evil acts. And guilt builds a thick wall around unpleasant truths that a person will do almost anything to avoid.

But truth has a way of gnawing at you from the inside. I suspect like so many other post aborted women that Cecile Richards works for PP because she is covering up the guilt of her own abortion. It wouldn't be the first time a woman did that. So many coming out of the abortion industry describe their own abortions and how working in the industry helped them feel like they were helping other women. And besides a salary of over half a million can cover up a lot of guilt.


  1. Living child: Mom, you and Dad, after careful and deeply personal consideration, decided to off my little brother or sister. After further careful and deeply personal consideration, might you decide at some point to also off me?

  2. Great comment! One day the tables might be turned.
    Living child: Mom, I really adore you, but now that you're old and sometimes forget my name and drool I've decided it's enough. After all three years (or months, or weeks, or days) of that is more than enough. No more food and water for you!