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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#"Brain-Death" is a Fraud: Educate Yourself on End of Life Issues

Zack Dunlap, declared "brain-dead",
recovered from his injuries.
Two weeks ago, the Catholic Media Coalition held a meeting on End of Life Issues. We need to get the word out about the "transformation" of modern medicine from patient-oriented to preserve and protect life to $$$-oriented with limited treatment and hastening death. I gave the introductory talk. What's happening is deliberate with a well-organized cadre of death-dealing foundations like George Soros' Open Society, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc. They aren't content with killing off the little ones in the womb. Their targets now are the "useless eaters" and the injured who can be "farmed" for their valuable organs. You'll note in the video a chart from 2011 showing just how much money one young body filled with healthy organs can provide to the transplantation industry.

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If you want to be informed, make this series of videos a home-study with your family and friends.Here are the links to the entire conference.

 Part 1 - Framing the Issues (
Part 2 - Proportionalism as a "Virus" (
Part 3 - Repackaging Death as Life (
Part 4 - Using False Death and Palliative Care to End Life and Take Organs (
Part 4 cont. (
Part 5 - The Role of Community Organizing in Spreading the Culture of Death (
Part 6 - Trojan Horse Legislation & the Bureaucratic Takeover of Palliative Care (

You can order materials to supplement the videos from American Life League and the Life Guardian Foundation. I particularly recommend ALL's Life, Life Support and Death and To Breathe is to Live. And, in order to read and fill out documents to protect your life see Dr. Paul Byrne's To Protect and Preserve God-Given Life. The wallet card and medical power of attorney are simple and clear unlike all the POLST, MOST, FIVE WISHES, and other advanced directives aimed at encouraging patients to refuse treatment and make choices that will hasten their deaths. Believe me, you don't have to worry today about getting TOO MUCH treatment. Hospital ethics committees are refusing WANTED treatment patients and their families request. Texas law allows hospitals to overrule and refuse to honor advanced directives for desired care if they decide it's "futile." But many patients considered hopeless by doctors have recovered like Zack Dunlap who barely missed being "harvested" for his organs. His survival was not a "miracle" of the dead coming back to life. He wasn't dead! He was severely brain injured. Don't let the death peddlers convince you that the living are dead. Zack Dunlap gives testimony to the legal fraud of "brain-death."


  1. Thank you for posting this. I sent it out to many. It is very disturbing to know the peddlers of death are infiltrating the Catholic parishes and churches. I pray and hope America and the Church wakes up and say STOP this evil.

  2. Thank you so much for helping us to educate others. All the money is with the death peddlers. But we have the Holy Spirit.

  3. One more: