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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Organ Procurement and Donation Process

This is part 2 of a video series I posted yesterday about organ donation and the false definition of brain death. It is shocking!

DO NOT SIGN AN ORGAN DONOR CARD. Doctors and hospitals are "harvesting" vital organs from LIVING patients not dead ones. The person must have a beating heart when "harvested" or the heart is useless. The same for other vital organs. Vital organs degrade too quickly to be useful AFTER death. The patient must be alive.

How many of those who have signed up as organ donors realized they will be killed for their organs? How many believe, rather, that the hospital has to wait until circulation, breathing, and brain activity have ALL stopped? How many signing organ donor cards are doing it with truly informed consent?

Never allow an apnea test on an injured loved one. They remove the ventilator for up to ten minutes letting the patient suffocate for that period of time. The apnea test causes MORE brain damage.  It is NEVER done for the benefit of the patient. (Note, this is not the testing done for sleep apnea.)

Be informed and fight for the vulnerable. They aren't just clumps of cells. They are human persons deserving of protection. Be a life guardian, not a facilitator of death.

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