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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Can You Help Aden? Here's the Answer!

Aden in happier times
#1 PRAY:

Join the novena of the Miraculous Medal asking Our Lady to provide a doctor and hospital to act like the Good Samaritan helping the wounded traveler! And another.

 As you probably know by now the Supreme Court of Nevada vacated the lower court ruling that would have allowed St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center to remove Aden’s life support. Praised be to God - some just men! In fact, the judges have more sense than the so-called bioethicists at the National Catholic Bioethics Center who believe Aden and other patients like her are “dead” because she’s brain injured. How can a dead body circulate blood, digest food, urinate, and breathe (even with help from a respirator). It seems to me that it is these “ethicists” who are brain dead. 

If you know any doctors or have connections to hospital administrators, please help. Dr. Paul Byrne is confident that the Lord will provide, but often the Lord inspires us to use our talents (as today’s gospel says) to be his hands! You can reach Dr. Byrne at 419 779-6727.
Sleeping Beauty waiting for love's kiss

Once Dr. Byrne finds a hospital and doctor to help Aden, funds will be needed to transfer her – possibly even an air ambulance. You can donate at Aden’s GoFundMe page. If you know anybody with big bucks ask them to help Aden. Those of us blessed with material possessions can use them to help others. 
#4 PASS IT ON!: 

Share this on your facebook page. Share it with hashtag #SaveAdenHailu on Twitter. We can make a difference for this young woman and her family. She deserves a chance to live until God ordains her time of death. It should not come about because the death peddlers think she’s useless because she's dependent. There are cases of people who have waked out of comas after years. Let’s pray Aden is one of them. She looks to me like Sleeping Beauty. Let’s pray that her suffering and her family’s, which Mother Teresa said is “Jesus kissing you” will be the love that awakens her. God is obviously not finished with her yet. She's alive!


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