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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christians Not Welcome: Islamic Terrorists Just Join the Crush


Who bombed the Twin Towers in New York? 

Who just created violent mayhem in Paris?

Who were the Boston Marathon bombers?

Who was responsible for the shootings at Fort Hood?

Who is a primary source of terrorism all over the world? (Check the list.)

It sure isn't Christians! So why are we keeping out the refugees who are being driven from their homes, having their throats slit, etc. while we welcome in the very group that has been responsible for killing tens of thousands by violent jihad? The FBI says they can't "adequately vet" the refugees. How many terrorists are blending in? And is this really an invasion? If you watch the videos of refugees coming into Europe, many are young men of military age who display utter contempt for their host countries. 

Twenty-five governors have said they won't take Muslim refugees. They're being excoriated by President Obama, a man who bows profoundly to Islam's leaders. So what's really going on here, President Obama? Why are you discriminating against Christians but welcoming potential jihadists?

Oh, I forgot, it's the religion of peace. Note how peaceful they are in the video below. Note how many are young men of military age. Not how the few children are exploited as a shield between themselves and the police. It's coming to America, friends, and what will you do then? I would be happy to welcome Christians from any country in the Middle East, but Islam is a religion of hate.