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Monday, November 16, 2015

#Save Aden! Do You Know a Doctor or Hospital Admin Who Will Help?

In August, Dr. Paul Byrne described how the case of Aden Hailu had been accepted by the Supreme Court of Nevada. This young woman went into a coma last April during surgery and remains brain debilitated at St. Mary's Regional Hospital in Reno, NV. They claimed she was brain dead and got a court to agree, but the Supreme Court of Nevada overturned The hospital refuses to give this young woman the treatment she needs: a tracheostomy, a feeding tube, and simple thyroid supplementation. That she is still alive today is no thanks to the mistreatment she has received at St. Mary's Hospital.

Today the Nevada Supreme Court refused to vacate the temporary restraining order that prevents the hospital from discontinuing Aden's life support. So, for now, Aden is safe. However, it's absolutely necessary to get her transferred away from St. Mary's where they seem determined to kill her to a hospital that will provide her the necessary treatment to give her a chance to heal. Aden should have had this treatment last April. If she had, she might very well be at home as is the case with Jahi McMath. 

Please help Aden. Pray, of course, but if you have influence in the medical field and can help get Aden into a hospital that will care for her properly, please help make that happen! You can contact Dr. Paul Byrne at Life Guardian Foundation. Please pass this far and wide: on Twitter, on Facebook, on your blogs. Aden is alive. She is a precious child of God. She has right to be treated with respect and dignity and given a chance to heal. Let's pray and work to make it happen!