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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Civil Unrest Under Obama is No Accident! Fight Back with Faith!

If you want to understand what makes Barack Obama tick, you need to read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals. These two books explain exactly how the community organizer works to keep people off balance and at each other's throats. Demonization is part of the plan and Obama is expert at that. And who are the demons?
  • Conservatives
  • Police officers
  • Citizens with guns (using them safely and legally)
  • People defending themselves from thugs if the thugs are black and the victim is white
  • Pro-lifers (i.e., Domestic Terrorists)
  • Veterans
  • Opponents of the invasion by ILLEGAL immigration
  • Global warming skeptics
  • Anybody who gets in the way of his agenda
Matthew Vadum has an excellent article on-line titled Obama's Permanent Protest. Here's the beginning, but read the whole article. 
After making America poorer, weaker, less free, more race-obsessed and balkanized throughout his tumultuous presidency, Barack Obama is gearing up to use his two tax-exempt nonprofits to continue attacking what remains of the republic's civil society after he leaves office in 14 months.

Obama's presidency "has been pockmarked by rioting, looting and protests," as he "encouraged the nonstop civil unrest exhausting the nation," writes the Hoover Institution's Paul Sperry. Obama and his "army of social justice bullies" are going to make things worse before he leaves office on Jan. 20, 2017.
Our indefatigable Community Organizer-in-Chief is planning to use Organizing for Action (OfA) and the Barack Obama Foundation to continue punishing America for its imaginary sins and to promote manufactured controversies long after he leaves the White House.
 We are under assault by these leftist thugs. It behooves one to know the tactics of the enemy and to fight! And, of course, our most effective weapons are prayer and the sacraments. Stay close to the Lord, because when you're there you are under the battle standard of St. Michael and Barack Obama with all his clones and all his ill-gotten money can't hope to compete with Our Lady in battle array and St. Michael and his legions of angels.


Catholic in Brooklyn said...

Mary Ann, do you believe that those who protested in Chicago over the Laquan McDonald murder, are your enemy?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Satan is the enemy, but sadly there are many in his service. If protesters slash and burn and advocate retaliatory police killing, they certainly are not serving under the banner of Our Lord and Our Lady "By their fruits shall you know them." As St. Ignatius points out in the Spiritual Exercises there are two choices. You either serve Christ the King or you serve the prince of this world.

I haven't followed the protests in Chicago, so I can't answer our question.

Catholic in Brooklyn said...

That is a cop out, Mary Ann. The protests in Chicago have been completely peaceful, following a horrific murder by a white police man of an African American 17 year old boy (shot 16 times while he was walking away from the police) which was covered up by the City of Chicago for 13 months. Am I suppose to believe that you, who follows the news so closely, don't know anything about this? The protests in Ferguson definitely got violent, but there have not been any other really violent protests anywhere else, including here in NYC, where unarmed black men have been killed by white cops.

I am certainly no fan of Obama, but he cannot be blamed for this. As one who is active in the pro life movement, you know that the abortion rate for African Americans is far, far, higher than for other races. In fact, here in NYC, more black babies are aborted than are born. It is also a fact that there is a highly disproportionate number of African Americans who are shot and killed by the police every year.

There is real racism and bigotry in America, and trying to blame it on Saul Alinsky makes me wonder where you really stand on this issue.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I spent the last two months working on the end of life meeting: writing my talk, developing the power point, organizing the handouts, coordinating with the hotel, fielding emails and phone calls, etc. not to mention going to physical therapy for some problems I'm having. When you mentioned the young man's name I didn't even know who you were talking about. I had to look it up. I usually keep up with the news on the headline blogs, but I didn't even have time to do that in the past two months. And since the meeting was over I've been trying to catch up on the many hours of sleep I missed and deal with my health issues.

So if that's a cop-out I plead guilty.

There is certainly racism in America and it cuts both ways. Yes their are police officers who are bigots. I dealt with some of them when I was rescuing. On the other hand, the police officers gunned down just for being police officers get very little press. Neither do the whites killed by blacks. No doubt you've heard of the "knock out" game.

As for Obama, you are blind if you haven't noticed how he fans the flames of every situation that involves white on black situations. He completely ignores black on white crime and black on black crime which is a major problem in the big cities. He immediately calls the families of black victims. He ignores the families of white victims. But addressing those issues doesn't advance his agenda of racial divisiveness.

If you don't think Obama and Alinsky helped create this problem, you know very little about the history of Communism and the professional agitators who practiced mob manipulation. Alinsky borrowed their tactics. Read Stephanie Block's series on Alinsky organizing. Matthew Vadum has it exactly right.

Catholic in Brooklyn said...

I can never support Obama and Alinsky or their tactics. I believe much of their agendas are inspired by the devil. But racism has been a part of our society since our inception, and it is very much alive and well, as I have shown. Obama and Alinsky did not create racism.

You say you have not watched the news. I suggest that you do, because then you would see that your post is wrong. You are also wrong when you say that cops killed in action get very little press. Here in NYC! every time a cop is killed, they are hailed as heroes, and they are major headlines. And I don't have a problem with that. But we have seen too many instances when cops have unjustly murdered civilians to think it is an isolated problem. And far too many of those civilians killed by cops are minorities, especially African Amercians. Watch the murder of Laquan McDonald in Chciago - the video is all over the Internet. It is horrifying. And I think it is a real testament to those protesting the handling of this muurder - covered up for 13 months and only exposed when the judge ordered the release of the condemning tape - I think is it a real testament to those who protested this that there has been absolutely no violent protests.

I keep coming back here, Mary Ann, because I believe that you are real and sincere. But you never dig below the surface. You believe all of the old lies we have been told over and over again, and you fight anyone who tries to tell you differently. As a wise person once said, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And you think Obama's race-baiting has made the situation better? And Jessie Jackson's? And Farrakhan's? I don't need to watch horrifying videos to know racism exists. There is plenty of it to go around and, as I said, it cuts both ways.

During Advent I'm not posting or responding to any of your comments. I need a break from condescension. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Anonymous said...

The irony is that Obama is bought and paid for by the same mercantilist cabal that put his great great great great great great great great granddaddy in chains. Fight the free mason plutocrats and you are fighting at the source.

Anonymous said...

I’m curious, Brooklyn. Did you vote for Obama in either 2008 or 2012? Mary Ann, will you please delay your Advent plan and post her answer?

Gigi said...

Catholic in Brooklyn needs to see this -

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Catholic in Brooklyn writes, "Am I suppose to believe that you, who follows the news so closely, don't know anything about this?" If that is what Mary Ann said, that is the case. Whether or not you believe it is your decision, but you have no right to impugn her personal integrity on her own blog. You've done nothing here except to cop a sneering, condescending attitude towards Mary Ann. It's the same that you have directed at me in the past and that is why your comments are banned from my blog.

And yes, there is "community organizing" behind this racial unrest. Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, etc are always around to stir up the "black lives matter" bunch, but somehow have no problem shilling for abortion, the real destroyer of black population. If you would stop being so obsessed with posturing against other Catholic bloggers you might be able to see that obvious truth.

Anonymous said...

This website says “family members” of Laquan accepted a 5 million dollar settlement last APRIL but agreed to not release the video which they had in their possession. It suggests that it was important to Chicago powers that be to shut this family up at the time.

I can’t sort this all out, but it seems to me the release of this inciteful video (as horrible as it is) at this time has generated what just might be a “desired affect” which is to distract from other things that might make the current administration look bad. Throw the blame and the spotlight
back on the “white racists”. WHY was the video not released and why were no charges brought for so long?


Camille said...

Catholic in Brooklyn: Are you defending the Chicago rioters or are you protecting Barack Obama? Did you vote for Obama in the last presidential election? Are you better off now under Obama than you were under Bush? I, personally, am very sad for those who go out and riot because I believe that they have been manipulated by mob psychology to be the weapon of destruction ofo the social order desired by people like Obama.

Catholic in Brooklyn said...

I did not and never would vote for Barack Obama or anyone else who is on the wrong side of life issues. There is nothing that can justify that. And yes, of course, there are those who expoloit the systematic racism in our county for their own profit. But does that make it any less real? Does that make the murder and death of Laquan McDonald or any of the other young black men (and women) unjustly murdered by cops any less real?

I would challenge any one of you to go and stand outside an abortion clinic and watch all of the young African American women going into the clinic to have their babies killed with the full support of our society. Racism is more evil than it has evern been. Legalized abortion has decimated the Black community, and it is deliberate. Margaret Sanger would be proud. Adoph Hitler would be green with envy. This was happeing long before Barack Obama, and it will, tragically, continue long after he is gone.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Just reiterating -- that's your last word for Advent. I posted this at the request of the person commenting above.