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Friday, November 13, 2015

National Geographic Calls Mary, "The Most Powerful Woman

Check it out!

How the Virgin Mary Became the World’s Most Powerful Woman

Are you listening to Mary's messages from Fatima? Do you pray the rosary every day? Do you honor her request to make the five first Saturdays? 

It's not that hard to listen to Mary and I guarantee the reward is great -- heaven itself! 

Of course, you don't have to listen, but if you knew you could win the greatest lottery on earth by following simple instructions wouldn't you do it? 

Honor the Mother of Jesus Christ. He did!

1 comment:

  1. It's the Heavenly lottery we must keep in our sights!

    LOL,I was not praying the rosary to win the lottery MaryAnne, that was a by product whispered in my ear when praying a myriad of intentions for the world and the Church.
    BTW,I was recently contacted by a woman who has a Catholic radio show and magazine in NY. She also heard the prophetic words of Mother Angelica on her show in 2000!
    Right now she is running though all her recorded tapes of mother Angelica Live in order to find it.
    Mother rushed in at the end of her pre recorded show to tell her viewers live what she knew to be true. She said (I paraphrase) The economy will
    get very bad and many of you will not even be able to buy a banana. Many in the world will die, but if you manage to live through all that is coming it will be better than the Garden of Eden in many ways. She held up the Rosary and said ,"This is all you will have ,stay close the Her!" Dec 12th, 2000 Mother Angelica Live. The EWTN audio library replaced her message with music at the end of the show. Why?