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Friday, November 6, 2015

Hold on to your wallet: The CCHD Collection is Coming Up!

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection is coming up and, as usual, Catholics will be hoodwinked into giving thinking their money will directly help the poor. It doesn't. A significant portion goes to community organizing groups directly involved in promoting moral evils and electing "progressive" politicians.

In most dioceses the collection is taken up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Some dioceses are calling the collection something else and holding it at different times as a disguise. For example, my friend Janet sent this email about the DC Archdiocese's collection:
The only changes I’ve seen have been on the part of the progressive cartel to obfuscate the nature of the collection. For instance, in the DC archdiocese, the collection is now held in August and is called the “Communication and Human Development” Collection. Cute, huh?
Dishonest as all get out. It's called Picking Pockets in the Pew!

I made the video below back in 2008, but it's just as true today as it was then. For more on this year's collection see Catholic Citizens of Illinois.


  1. An alternate recommendation to the CCHD collection is to instead give a donation to your favorite blogger who proclaims the truth of the Catholic Church.

  2. Just Wednesday evening I watched a presentation from Michael Voris on this topic and he traced much back to Chicago and the Saul Alinsky influence - his investigation was very thorough - and depressing. This crap has a long history and seems very lucrative. The USCCB has to scrap it and start over or something. I don't trust the organization.

  3. Very effective video! Thank you for posting it.