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Monday, November 7, 2016

Abortion Chop Shops: Welcome to Virginia Courtesy of Gov. McAuliffe

Hey, Women don't need protection from butchers. They need
easy access to abortion even if it kills them. Let's drink to that!
Recently the Virginia Board of Health gutted any sensible regulation of free standing abortion mills opening up Virginia to unscrupulous abortionists who not only kill babies, but operate like the infamous back alley butchers with no concern for the health or safety of the mothers. The only difference between them and the notorious illegal abortionists (most of whom were doctors) is they hang their shingle out front.

Remember Kermit Gosnell? He operated a chop shop abortion mill in Philadelphia described as a "little shop of horrors."He's serving a life term in prison now after being convicted of murdering three babies born alive following late-term abortions.

He also killed and maimed women. One died after being administered too much anesthetic. The conditions in his mill were described as "grisly" and "squalid." Baby body parts clogged the toilets and garbage disposal and filled the refrigerator. Police described the stench as unbearable. The prosecutor said the Gosnell case was the "most gruesome" of his career and one juror said he was seeking counseling after the disturbing information presented during the trial.

Yup, Gosnell was a monster. But if you think he's the only such abortionist you need to read Lime 5: Exploited by Choice. Then go to the Center for Medical Progess and watch the videos about Planned' Parenthood's lucrative baby body parts business and the callous disregard for life of the abortionists. Then, if you can stand any more go to, The Center for Bioethical Reform's Genocide Awareness Project.  This is the reality of abortion: grisly, filthy, squalid, gruesome and run by a bunch of bottom feeders some of whom keep track of their killings on their shirt cuffs like Wild West killers notched their guns.

Gosnell's horror show is not that unusual for a business that resists any regulation at all. Philly left Gosnell free for years to kill babies and maim women with nary an inspection to upset his body count. Planned Parenthood claims that requiring outpatient surgical abortion mills to be regulated like other free standing health clinics suppresses a woman's unfettered right to kill her baby. And other states apparently agree. (Go here and here and here.) Abortion is a liberal sacrament and where liberals rule the Gosnells thrive.

And now under Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia, all the protections established to prevent chop shops like Gosnell's from operating in Virginia were recently deep-sixed by the Virginia Board of Health which McAuliffe, an apostate Catholic, stacked with his pro-abortion appointees. What were the regulations? According to an article at LifeNews these were common sense regulations "adopted in light of a 2011 law passed the legislature that required abortion clinics be treated like outpatient surgical centers, if they provide five or more first-trimester abortions a month. The regulations addressed such issues as building standards, staff training, sanitation, and equipment standards." This is what Planned Parenthood calls "restrictive" -- expecting abortion mills not to have blood on the floor, use sterile instruments, not refrigerate babies' bodies next to the abortionist's lunch, have resuscitation equipment in case a patient goes into cardiac arrest, etc. But hey, these are abortion mills and they operate above the law.

This is another reason we need to elect Trump on Tuesday. Political hacks like Terry McAuliffe need to be stopped. Hopefully a Trump win will have a coattail effect bringing solid conservatives into office a the state level. We need to make Virginia red again, not just for the babies, but for their mothers. Does a woman choosing an abortion really not deserve the same standards in her treatment as someone who goes in for a colonoscopy? Nothing illustrates the slaughter mentality of the pro-abortionists than their demand that abortion be completely unregulated.

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