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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Now Exactly Who are the Haters?

In New Orleans the liberal love message is "Die, whites, die."
Trump won and the internet is filled with the face of liberal love and tolerance in the aftermath. Facebook is filled with liberals posting that "Hate won" the election. I find that interesting especially in view of the riots taking place and the tweets about killing Trump and his supporters. You can read about a few episodes here and here.

In some places most of the protesters are young, maybe college students, who are angry that their candidate lost. Hey, they've been raised to believe that they have a right to win, that they all come from Lake Woebegone and are above average. How could they possibly lose? Many have never been taught the niceties of courtesy, dignity, and social discourse. These kids look like a bunch of middle schoolers having a hissy fit and reveling in using the "F" word. Apparently nobody ever taught them that you win some and you lose some and you just have to deal with it like grownups.

But other violent protests mimic what we've seen in Ferguson, Charlotte, and other places fomented by Soros thugs bused into the areas. Now I have no recollection that anything like this happened after Obama won. Did conservatives riot, set fires, protest, burn the flag, break windows, deface and vandalize property, and tweet or FB comments like "Can someone just hire a serial killer and just kill [Obama]?" or "Death to [Obama] and all his supporters." or "Die, whites, die!"

The one thing amply demonstrated in these videos and tweets is that the haters are Clinton supporters who want to throw out the election because they lost. Let us pray in the days ahead that the Soros/Democrat machine isn't pouring money and thugs into creating false flag events to precipitate the kinds of riots we saw in 1968. I was going to school in D.C. when they occurred and I remember how terrifying they were. But I sincerely believe these evil people would do anything to achieve their agenda.

Preserve us, O Lord.

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