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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Clinton E-mail Scandal: Level of Corruption is Unprecedented!

When MSNBC is reporting on the corruption...well...knock me over with a feather!

I found the comments on Chelsea interesting. I used to sidewalk counsel with a young woman, a naval enlistee, who was assigned to the White House filming for their video archive. She was there taping when Pope John Paul II came to the U.S. and challenged America to "Defend Life!"

Chelsea attended the event where the president welcomed the pope and my friend described how she watched Chelsea and how riveted the child was by the pope and his words. Let's pray for Chelsea Clinton. In view of her criticism of the Clinton Foundation, she seems to have a conscience that isn't completely dead. It really isn't surprising that she's been impacted by her corrupt parents. Let's pray that she is open to grace and becomes a voice of truth.


elpine flower said...

Mika and Scarborough were nasty towards Trump and Mika was a Hillaryite ! Their sudden about faced turn makes me nauseated.
Lou Dobbs and Jeannine have been on target all along.
They said Paul Ryan is considering stepping down now.......well lo and behold maybe the will of we the People is finally taking hold .I am so disgusted with the out of touch elites I could scream.
Speaking of out of touch..........

TLM said...

I agree elpine flower! The ONLY reason Scarborough, Mika and the rest are turning on Clinton, is because they have no choice if they want to save face. The proof is out in the open now for the world to see, no longer can they play the progressive Hillary game unless they want to look like complete fools. Just like the fake polls that the progressives put out where they claimed Hillary ahead by Trump by double digits. They have now tightened to a complete tie LOL! If the pollsters want to save face, they have to start telling the truth at least to SOME DEGREE. That said, I am in hopes that the majority of Americans now know that there is no trusting the MSM ever again. They are as fake as the Clintons are as it's been again PROVEN they are in collusion with them. It's all such a complete SHAM.