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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#liberalhypocrisy - Question of the day for Brandon Dixon

What's the big deal? All white suburban housewives are ho's!
I have nothing to apologize for! After all, I'm a celebrity. 
Why is it racist to have an all-white anything, but it's not racist to have a non-white Broadway show Hamilton about an all-white group of our historical ancestors? And then call it diverse! See the casting call for the Hamilton road show which calls for "non-white" men and women to audition. Wouldn't want to have any of those evil, racist, homophobic, misogynist, islamophobic whites among the pure and holy liberals in the cast. And Huffpo assures us that it absolutely, positively  isn't reverse racism. It's fundamental and necessary and absolutely crucial for the artistic merit of the show. (And we all know Huffpo has no agenda and is completely unbiased.)

While we're speaking of racism, sexism, misogyny, etc....take note of this about the sanctimonious Hamilton star, Brandon Dixon, who lectured Mike Pence from the stage. What a paragon of virtue and respect for women commenting on all the "ho's" out there and describing as "The Best" a tweet that called for "jumping off" (reference to casual sex) a "white married suburban housewife & mother." And this guy has the gall to lecture Mike Pence who is a decent man with not a hint of scandal in his past -- unlike liberal heroes, Bill and Hillary Clinton?

One more question: Who is Dixon and what has he done to merit the right to insult and lecture an honorable man? What has Dixon ever done that allows him to make his intolerant judgment? (Hmm...I must have misworded that since liberals are tolerant and non-judgmental.)

Face the facts about Dixon. He gets paid big bucks to strut around on a stage pretending to be somebody he isn't. Does that make him a nobody pretending to be somebody? No, but it certainly is no qualification for using his entertainment forum to spout ignorance! Ah...but I forgot...he's a celebrity, so listen up, you ignorant dudes, because the man has something to say. And no matter how stupid it is, you better listen.

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