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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Theodore McCarrick says an "influential Italian gentleman" asked him to "talk up Bergoglio."

Did the "mafia" puppet masters
influence the election of Pope Francis?
The first video clip after the break is taken from a 2013 speech at Villanova (starts at about 18:55 in the second video at the bottom of the page which is the complete talk at Villanova).

Keep in mind that the Cardinals in a papal conclave are strictly prohibited from lobbying for a pope. And yet, there's plenty of evidence that lobbying for Cardinal Bergoglio was organized and came from an anti-Benedict wing of cardinals calling themselves the "mafia club" under the name "St. Gallen" or "St. Gall." (They met at St. Gallen's in Switzerland.)

The "mafia" included Cardinal DanneelsCardinal Kasper, Cardinal Martini (deceased), Cardinal Lehmann, Cardinal Silvestrini and Dutch Bishop Van Luyn. In an authorized biography of Cardinal Danneels, he was open about the secret meetings of the "mafia club" (Progressives love to brag!) although he later tried to backtrack. Why try to backtrack? Because lobbying for a pope can make his election illegitimate.

 Resignation of a pope is covered in Canon Law:
 P. 332 #2: If it should happen that the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, it is required for validity that he makes the resignation freely and that it be duly manifested, but not that it be accepted by anyone. 
Since Benedict says he resigned freely, I think we have to take him at his word, but with all that is happening with the dubia, the prophecies that predict "cardinal against cardinal," etc. there is cause for great concern. How should we respond to these times? Continue to do the duties of your state in life, pray for Holy Mother Church, and don't get wrapped around an axle about the latest Pope Francis-ism. God is God. The Church has survived evil popes and evil times. If we love and proclaim the truth, we really have no reason to be afraid or to lose hope. So don't!


  1. Strictly speaking, since McCarrick was over 80 at the time of the election, he wasn't involved in the conclave. But Wuerl, his good buddy, certainly was. The lobbying was probably indirect, but still present.

  2. Let's call it what it is.
    The Clerical Homosexual Mafia.

    There is a new expose on the Pittsburgh Diocese coming out next Monday that you will find very interesting Marianne. I will send it along.

    What I find particularly loathsome are the pedophile sodomites who pose as Traditional priests.
    One family has suffered for 38 years because they did not follow though with legal action and were convinced to let the Diocese "take care of the problem priest."
    There are so many others all around he world who did the same and "trusted" their Bishops to do the right thing and stop their access to future victims.

    Adding salt to their lifetime of dealing with the traumas, an alleged "Catholic" blogger decided to attack them online for years with his defense of the recently deceased pedophile, who was defrocked by Pope John Paul 2.
    Posing as a persecuted priest , he fooled Mother Angelica, Fr Hardon, Malachi Martin and countless others.
    Let this be a warning to everyone ! This mafia knows how to dress ,talk and pose as anything everything they think will garner them the trust of the Faithful !
    I want our Church swept clean and everyone who identifies as Catholic should
    want the same.

  3. Hi, Janet. The members of the "mafia" were certainly involved in the conclave -- Cardinal Lehmann for example. And how many other cardinals were fellow travelers? As you point out, Cardinal Wuerl is certainly of the same mindset.


  4. This is a more detailed explanation

    Does anyone really think and active sodomite cleric cares if he is excommunicated?

  5. Wonder what favor the Italian man wanted from Cardinal Mc Carrick when he back to the US? Interesting he said 5 years that Bergoglio can do it .. reform the Church. Get back on track.. The Soviet Union was big on "five year plans"..