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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Letter to a friend: Excellent report about George Soros

The Great Manipulator
Dear Nancy,

This is a scanned copy of an issue of the Mindszenty Report that focuses on George Soros.  It is a concise capsule of Soros that many in your list might find useful. 

I just finished reading Witness, by Whitaker Chambers and am currently reading a book he mentioned in one of the chapters titled Assignment in Utopia, by Eugene Lyons. 

Both these authors make it very clear that the promotion of communism is done not only by professed communists, but socialists at all levels including everyday liberal leaning fellow travelers.  Your own next door neighbor, for instance, who voted for Hillary, might recoil at the idea that she’s a communist, but she might proudly support many of the organizations created, funded, and run by Soros minions. 

This has been the case of many people in Christian communities of all stripes who get hooked by the dream of world peace and “a better world.”  While openly identifying himself as an atheist, Soros is eager to support “ministries” in Christian churches that promote his own communist dreams.  People like this aren’t the least bit hesitant to use whomever they can get to promote their own agenda.  Sadly, what happens is a well planned transformation of people who get brainwashed into believing the “social justice” version of the Gospel---the first temptation of the devil offered to Christ in the desert, and eventually they care more about the “justice” than the truth.  It becomes their “new” religion.  (Research “Just Faith” for more on this.) 

We have won this election, but this evil will not stop until we convince the people in our churches to get away from the network of deceit and stop offering themselves as sales pitch agents for one world government. 

I hope you will share this link on your site.  Mindszenty is happy to have their documents reprinted in any form.  See the bottom of the report for info. 

Lastly, the two books I mentioned are dynamite and I highly recommend them both.  Assignment inUtopia, according to Chambers is one of the books that convinced him to get out of the communist faith, which is how Chambers referred to it.  Witness is one of THE MOST REMARKABLE books I’ve ever read.  I couldn’t put it down. 

Your friend,

Chriss Rainey

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