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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Looks Like We Dodged the Bullet and Perhaps a Nuclear War with Madwoman Hysterical Hillary!

The more that comes out about Hillary Clinton the more convinced I am that we have kept an unstable psychopath out of the oval office. We previously posted about Hillary's crying fit on election night. But her instability was already evident in the backstage rant at NBC after Matt Lauer went off script and asked a question the corrupt politician didn't have ahead of time.

Read this:

“Physically Violent Hillary” Lashed Out Against Aides in Drunken Tirade on Election Night: Report

and watch the videos from the article which I've posted below.
See if you really think this woman has the judgment and temperament to handle the stress of the presidency. Can you imagine her next to the red phone making a decision about nuclear war? I can certainly imagine her screaming, "Off with their heads!" Isn't that what she tried to do "that "f***ing [Matt] Lauer?" Wonder if he's thinking of abandoning his liberalism to become an honest journalist. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

Thank you, Lord, for preserving us from this madwoman and please shower Donald Trump with the grace to seek and do your will. And please pray for Matt Lauer too. We all owe him a debt of thanks for helping to expose the madwoman's instability. I think I'll write him a thank-you note.