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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillary and the Nuclear Option

Hypocrite Hillary recently pulled out the old Barry Goldwater hit ad with the little girl in the daisy field and the nuclear warhead going off in the distance. Here's Eagle Forum's response pointing out that the real nuclear danger is Hillary the madwoman.

After Benghazi and the destabilization of Syria, Lebanon, and the entire Middle East during the past eight years, well, it's pretty clear who is most likely to drag us into a nuclear war and it ain't Donald Trump! Oh...and for you history buffs out there, take a look at which party most often got us into wars during the 20th century. You got it! The Democrats.

Woodrow Wilson who campaigned on keeping us out of war sent our boys "over there" in WW I to die by the hundreds of thousands in a muddy no-man's land and then kill countless others with the Spanish Influenza. He helped broker a "peace" that led directly to WW II which we entered under another Democrat, FDR. Truman, FDR's VP approved dropping the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and was president when we entered the Korean war. The morass of Vietnam also began with Harry Truman sending support to the French in 1950. President Eisenhower continued the support, but it was Kennedy and Johnson, democrats, who escalated U.S. involvement and Kennedy who was directly implicated in the CIA-inspired coup that overthrew South Vietnam president Diem and resulted in his assassination. Johnson's handling of the war resulted in his failed one-term administration. Nixon, a Republican, expanded the war but with his own troubles failed to win it. We pulled out and abandoned the South Vietnamese under Ford after Nixon resigned with the massive exodus of the boat people fleeing the country as the Communists from the north advanced.  Bill Clinton was the first to order air strikes against Iraq, but George W. Bush gets credit for the Iraq war with the false "weapons of mass destruction" scenario.

Clinton was busy undermining the Middle East during his term with his desire and machinations to bring about regime changes which mostly empowered Muslim extremists. That has continued under Obama with the assault on Libya and Syria resulting in the increase in terrorism and the empowerment of ISIS. While many of the wars today are entered without Congressional authorization (which is unconstitutional), Obama has been a bomb-happy leader ordering air strikes against Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia. Not to mention the drone strikes policy which he expanded.

We live in interesting times when Republicans are called war mongers, but most wars (including undeclared wars with strikes against sovereign nations) are initiated by Democrats who don't bother about the Constitution's requirement that the power to declare war belongs to Congress.  Hey! Who needs to bother about that when you have a phone, a pen, and you're the Commander in Chief with a legion of admirals, generals, etc. at your beck and call. You really think you can trust Hillary Clinton with that power? Now that is really scary!

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