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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Another Child Beat Up by Pro-Hillary Students

Yesterday I posted the video of a young girl beaten up at school for daring to post a pro-Trump message on social media. Now here's an 11-year-old who was sent to the hospital by a group of classmates for daring to admit he voted for Trump in the school's mock election. I don't want to hear another word about Trump and his supporters being the haters.

And did you see the video of the mother who terrorized her little son because he voted for Trump at school? Watch the video and notice how the child's brother also wails over what Momma is doing. This mother should have her children removed from the home. Where is Child Protective Services?This cruelty is unbelievable! But what do you expect from those who vote for a baby killer. If you can kill a baby in the womb why not abuse your born children. This mother is teaching her child how to be a bully and terrorize. And to think that she was so proud of her abuse she videotaped it. I hope she's arrested and it's used in court against her.


  1. Dear Lord in heaven have mercy.

    Is this what the democratic party has become? (You know, the ones who preach "tolerance"?)

    One part of those who vote democrat have a thug mentality that promotes beat-downs on anyone/everyone who disagree with your political/moral convictions; then you have another part that may not necessarily agree with physical violence on those they disagree with, but will encourage destruction of private and public property during their "peaceful protests" (You know, the rainbow/snowflake/cupcake/where's-my-pacifier bunch?).

    Dear Mother of Mercy, pray for them!

    Why hasn't the current Executive Order-in-chief (BHO) called for these people to stand down? Is this what people will think of when they bring up his so-called "legacy"?

    Catechist Kev

  2. Is the Pope doing the same kind of thing to the youth?

  3. Thank God we have legal recourse in this nation !
    I hope the boy's parents sue the school and the parents of the children who did this!
    These are all communist tactics alive and well being promoted in schools, in the church and in Killary's campaign for POTUS.
    They insight hate under the titles of promoting social justice, love and mercy.But ONLY if you agree with their narrow definition of what is or isn't a human right!
    It is clearly evident in all the rioting we are seeing. College and University students who have been brainwashed by the social justice theme of political correctness on campus.
    Here we have an NYU Prof who was recently on Fox Business News. He was fired because he spoke out against this is exact same thing although the University denies it was the reason. He stated on television news that all this social justice on campus has become the very source of repression and hate in itself.

  4. This kind of HATE has to STOP! This is really really disgusting! Have we raised a bunch of savage animals? I think the BIG mistake has been to allow the state to brainwash them.

    Just an FYI.......they are not done fighting yet. There is now a petition (a few of them actually) calling for the electoral college to consider switching their votes from Trump to Hillary! If there are fines to be paid, Hillary supporters are being asked to anty up. It is amazing the extent they are willing to go to! Hopefully, this cannot happen. It is scary though as these people will stoop to anything to get their way. They need 4 million signatures and now have over 3 million. Anyone know anything about this and if it can indeed be done?

  5. I watched that Houston news clip. The investigation seems to be a joke. Essentially the cops said "nothing to see here, move along". I'd urge the neighbors to keep a watch; that kid can't possibly be "in good shape" after this. I'd bet that mother is only sorry - that she got caught.