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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Online Health Conference: Fighting Cancer!

Anyone who's been reading my blog for awhile knows that I'm concerned about GMOs and other ways we're exposed to poisons in our environment and food. So when I saw the ad for this free health invent I decided to register and I invite you to join me. You can sign up here. This is especially of concern to me right now because several family members were recently diagnosed with cancer and are doing research. One is using the Budwig Protocol and has noticed a significant difference in his level of pain. The protocol isn't a "cure" per se, but a way of beefing up the immune system and giving the cells what they need to work best. Check out the video and if it sounds interesting to you join me in this. (Transparency alert: If you sign up through my page (the sign up link above), I get points toward prizes. You can do the same by registering and sharing with your friends.) Shall we try to make this event go viral? I never demonize traditional medicine, and when I had cancer in 1989 I did chemo; but I'd rather go non-invasive first. You have nothing to lose by checking this out and, hey, it's free!

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