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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now We Need to Hold Trump's Feet to the Fire...

I was reading Steve Kellmeyer's website and he pointed out that the Trump campaign has already taken down the pro-life page from his website. (See below.) Not a good sign, I agree. But I think it's a little early to take potshots at him and presume he's going to betray us. We all know what he's said about defunding Planned Parenthood and now's the time to push for the follow-through.

And keep in mind that Trump's contract with America has many issues that, if accomplished, will strengthen families. His emphasis on local control of education, reducing the size of the tyrannical federal government, eliminating Obamacare and substituting his 7-point healthcare plan, etc.

So shall we give him a chance and help him to man-up his resolve by praying and fasting for him. But don't stop there, read his contract with America. If you agree, sign it. And then write and congratulate him on his election, but let him know you were concerned to see his pro-life statement disappear from the website.

Here's his email contact information.  You can call the campaign at 646-736-1779.

Here's the message I sent:
Dear Mr. Trump: 
Congratulations! I've been praying for you ever since you became the Republican nominee and I wish you all the best. I'll continue praying in the months leading up to your inauguration.  
During the campaign I used my blog to support your efforts and encourage other Catholics to vote for you. I've been very active in the pro-life movement for many years and your defense of the babies waiting to be born has been very important to me. So I was concerned to see that the page with your abortion position seems to have been removed from your website. I hope that was a mistake. 
Please assure me that you plan to carry out your resolve to support the defunding of Planned Parenthood and work for laws defending the little ones.  
Mary Ann Kreitzer


Steve Dalton said...

Kellmeyer is a flake that no one should take seriously anymore. He has attacked traditional Catholics regularly on his blog. I stopped taking him seriously when he praised a blasphemous statue of the BVM over a year ago.

Andrew said...

Yes, hold Trump accountable for sure, but what about our Church? What about making the Catholic Church Great Again?

Enough failure, enough slow-motion decline bordering on collapse, enough with Priests who can't articulate the simple Gospel message (let alone doctrine and dogma), enough with spineless Bishops who value the praise of men, enough with the Pope offering blessings "according to their own religion" and being more worried about air conditioning and youth unemployment than about the ETERNAL DESTINY of the many billions of the inhabitants of this planet who should all join themselves to the the one true faith, the Body of Christ!

If Bishops and Priests want respect - they need to get in line like everyone else and EARN it! Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass like they're supposed to, and HELP PEOPLE get to Heaven by being saints here on earth in the meantime! Priests are not social workers who need to be "relevant", they are offerers of sacrifice to God first and foremost and shepherds of souls who should do all they can to help the sheep find and stay on the narrow path that leads to salvation "which only a few" find!

Make The Catholic Church Great Again!