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Monday, November 14, 2016

Do You Really Think Hillary Won the Popular Vote?

Report: Three Million Illegals Voted

Barack Obama encouraged illegals to vote. He told a "dreamer" (who made it clear she was speaking for illegals who consider themselves citizens) that "they" (he used her word citizen even though they aren't) could vote without fear. Talk about Treason with a capital T! How many millions do you think took him up on it? The three million cited in the report?

There are also seven million uncounted absentee ballots. Absentee votes generally go to the Republicans by a large percentage because so many active duty military vote absentee among other reasons. So before you swallow the nonsense that Hillary won the popular vote remember this and that there are four million dead people on the voter rolls. How hard is it in a populous that doesn't require I.D. to go around voting for the dead?

Which leads me to a joke. Have you heard about John Smith? He voted Republican all his life. His first Democrat vote was the election after he died and he's been voting Democrat ever since.

Oh wait! Is that really a joke?

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